36 Virtues
Ethical Values of
Spiritual Satanism

I. Freedom
II. The Fall
III. Realism
IV. Death
V. Respect Of The Gods
VI. Advancement & Evolution
VII. Wisdom
VIII. Truth
IX. The Godhead
I. Into A Human
II. Destruction & War
III. Bravery
IV. Society
V. Hierarchy
VI. Acts & Noble Acts
VII. Power In Wisdom
VIII. Greatness
IX. Justice
I. The Present
II. Pursuit of Knowledge
III. Honesty & Integrity
IV. Loyalty & Fidelity
V. Friendship
VI. Temperance
VII. World Improvement
VIII. Harmony
IX. Know Thyself
I. Natural Path
II. Love & Hate
III. Creation
IV. Balance
V. Entropy
VI. Pathesis & Energia
VII. Family & Ancestors
VIII. Beauty
IX. Completion

Life Ethics
(Under Construction)

I. Sexual Ethics

II. Silence & Proper Speech

III. Dietary Ethics

IV. Marriage Ethics

V. Procreation Ethics

VI. Children Ethics

VII. Social Ethics

VIII. Respect Ethics

IX. Andrapoda Ethics

X. Education & Learning Ethics

XI. Drugs Ethics

XII. Science Ethics

XIII. Resistance To False Satanism

XIV. Pagan Brotherhood

XV. Protecting The Gods & Their Home

XVI. Preservation Of Spiritual Doctrines & Knowledge

XVII. Reincarnation Ethics

XVIII. About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

Eternally dedicated to: Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle

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