Respect, Revere and Belief In the Gods

Oh in all my realism, I see a gleaming star. It burns so powerful at the heights of the heavens.

The Gods. They who are here to help humanity rise to higher levels of understanding, power, consciousness.

What great fate, considering all else, to have the Gods. What great stupidity to not want to have them in our lives.

As far as our Gods are concerned, they help us to reach the Final Goal.

There are Gods that are greater, and their helpers and assistants. In pleasure they will guide in attainments.

The more we understand this task, and respect, revere and believe in them, we will advance smoother and sail better inside these troubled seas.

To respect the Gods, one must consider the universe and them as part of it. For what are they except of beings? Eternal forces!

To revere them, you must understand that you too exist in this hierarchy. We stand in the middle, between the worm and the pig, the Hero, the Demon and the God.

To believe in them, we must know them.

And only like can know like…



“O Father Satan, Master of All the Gods,

O Father Satan, Master of Ourselves!”

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