XIII. Resistance To False Satanism

As Spiritual Satanists of the Joy of Satan, we must keep our teachings unadulterated, pure, and far from degeneracy.

They must be kept pure and unadulterated for future generations.

Jewish and Hebrew manipulations, conceptions, or degradations of our doctrine must never be tolerated.

Those who engage in these but still refer to them as “Satanists” must be driven to see the light of the Gods and accept Satan’s True Path.

The centuries-old definitions of “Satanism”, based on degeneracy, jewish opinions or symbolism, or systematic defamation, all serve only to ridicule and destroy the Gods.

Tenets of grotesque representation of Satan or the Gods coming from enemy sources must be abolished for Spiritual Satanism to live in the future.

One must not follow these other paths, since they represent a purposeful degeneration and alteration of the Truth.

The Eternal Teachings of the Gods must be preserved in their original and pure form.

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