About Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, Lust, Gluttony

From the title, one might think that this matter here will be judged with scorn or with writing and issuing penalties for those that engage in these human processes. In the Path of the Gods, which is Spiritual Satanism, there is no such topic. Denying these urges and not properly recognizing them, or creating a state of fear of eternal hellfire for one's engagement in them, is only the enemy's work, which is meant to dissuade human beings from advancing spiritually.

As the enemy wants to fundamentally procure misery, blindness, and lack of wisdom in humanity as a final goal, they cannot provide the solutions in this writing of Guidance because, if they did so, human beings would have to learn about spirituality and wisdom, which would make all the Churches of the enemy destitute of any followers since they thrive on misery, affliction, death, and ignorance.

It is to the enemy's benefit that these states in human beings continue as long as possible and for the maximum number of people, so they always perpetuate them in order to not become vacant shells. Like a doctor not interested in healing human beings but wanting to procure sickness on purpose, so is the enemy desiring to that end. Unfortunately for many, they can only see this after they have understood the nature of the enemy. The "external enemy" has a lot to gain by sustaining humanity's internal evil and enemies.

While the "Abrahamic Religions" talk a lot and condemn humans about these topics, they fundamentally hate human nature and humanity and seek for beings to remain unenlightened. This state creates double the amount of problems that these already blind drives, which I will describe here, cause to human beings on their own. They double down on human misery and affliction.

Our side is exactly the opposite and seeks to elevate humans while also keeping them wholly human, without a fundamental hatred for what humanity is or can be.

The gateway to spiritual evolution, in which the forces described here can both obstruct but also help later on as the soul advances, is residing in the moderation of these forces and their purification. If a being has conquered these forces truly, then they are a purified being and have many things in common with the beings of the Higher Orders of life. This cannot be faked or evaded and is a lifelong process of evolution to bring these under the proper rule of Wisdom.

As the soul is trying to evolve, its fundamental that it incarnates into a body. This body brings with it all the forces necessary for its evolution - the forces propelling nature, such as the ability for procreation, survival, and all the related instincts for a human being to survive.

The survival mechanisms in one's body are motivating factors and powers that are very necessary to live. Without them, human beings would die instantly and would not be able to evolve either way.

The Gods have bestowed these upon human beings as necessary forces for their survival, and these forces exist universally in all living beings. They were given in wisdom, and they represent evolutionary forces.

Imbalances in these forces can be due to traumatic events, personal volition, or simply never understanding one must balance out these equations, or all of the three combined.

Fundamentally, none of the forces of Envy, Greed, Hate, Anger, or Lust are negative, but since they are devoid of Logos or Higher Reason, they are frequently the cause of damnation for human beings, as they can sink a being into the animal state that one finds themselves in during incarnation. When these are not controlled, one becomes an Andrapod and falls into the path of evil.

As a characteristic rule here, "Moderation in All Things" is the statement of Aristotle, which is an eternal truth about deifying the soul and becoming an excellent human being. This excellence not only brings worldly success but also spiritual success. The spiritual and internal success here is the most important factor, as this is the state that will truly make a human being happy and free internally, more than anything else external that comes as an addition to that state.

Lack of these forces can greatly diminish one's ability to survive, but their blind control is certain to lead sooner or later to decay, internal torment and destruction, depression, and a lack of health biologically, spiritually, and mentally. They are therefore necessary for existence, until they are improved to better forms, which reassure a higher state of being.

These above forces are described as "blind", and since they are blind, they do not directly partake in logic and reason.

The more one is shut off spiritually and intellectually, greater is the power of the above forces to dominate the mind, and on the complete rule of blindness, one is merely motivated to exist based on the above emotional states. Yet, all of these have a root in the necessity of biological existence.

When properly managed, these can become excellent forces in the hands of the wise, instead of one being enslaved by these forces and having to live a life of torment for themselves, which will expand onto many others, elongating their own torment also.

1. Greed = The need for material security, a factor to prolong physical existence. Greed is blind, as it does not understand the measure of other beings or one's self. The final level of greed is that every ego wants to consume the whole planet, a characteristic typical of psychopathic personalities. Greed as a state can invite the hatred of others, injustice done against others, which can lead all the way to being hated or murdered, and procure deadly hate both in one's self and others, creating a circular loop of destruction.

When Greed is moderated, one is on the pathway to becoming richer and expanding one's self, with the latter end of the balance being bestowal for other human beings as well. When Greed is controlled, the growth of civilizations, personal acquisitions, and material progression can occur. Greed disappears at the end of spiritual evolution.

2. Jealousy = Due to confusion about the state of affairs dealing with life, false estimates about the existence of one's self compared to others can give rise to jealousy or envy —one wants what another "has" or what one thinks "another has". Underlying jealousy, there can be a need to elevate one's self [which is the good aspect of envy] and can be used to facilitate personal self-evolution, albeit a lack of a fully formed self [knowing one's abilities or where one is at — a delusional state of confusion] can cause envy. Envy is a stronger form of consistent jealousy and can lead to murder, betrayals, major self-sabotage, or ruin of one's personal capacities since one is always fixated on envying others.

When Envy or Jealousy is controlled and replaced with judgement, a feeling of appreciation will arise in the Initiate. Also, instead of one seething and burning in jealousy, when self-awareness exists, this appreciation will extend to other human beings, and proper bonds with other beings can form. Envy can be used to engage in positive competition, where one evolves themselves to reach a desired standard. At the end of spiritual advancement, there is no envy present in humans.

3. Lust = Lust is a force necessary in order to procreate and is another biological impulse for one to procreate or to experience connection with others. In the blind state, lust becomes simply a voracious need to connect without caring for any detail, devoid of reason. The needs here are based on the need to prolong one's personal existence through procreation. A blinded state of lust can create a self-circular loop that can consume human beings physically, mentally, and in all other ways, rendering one unable to advance in any avenue or life, or make people do things that they will solemnly regret, like betrayals, unwanted pregnancies, or lead to many other problems.

Lust is positive and, within the proper rational context, can create families, legacies, relationships with other human beings, and personal satisfaction. The same force is the force that is used and transmuted in the need to connect to higher topics [knowledge, spirituality, improvement of the body, and related procreative powers].

4. Anger = Anger is a quintessential emotion that gives human beings the power to avert enemies. In the case of blind hatred, there is no reasoning behind this, and combined with all the other urges, one can simply hate for no reason, heat for jealousy, or hate obstacles to their greed or lust. Anger can create sudden, unexpected, and irreversible crimes that one can regret later on but one cannot take back. Sudden murders that cost one's lifetime can happen in a state of anger or wrath when it overtakes the mind.

Anger, when moderated, can be a very powerful weapon where Justice is concerned, and when aimed, it can have catastrophic power that can actually be used for good. Anger can exist in great magnitudes, even among the Gods, but their form of "anger" is perfect and not related to the human notions of blind anger whatsoever.

5. Hate = A form of consolidated anger that has many things of the above in it when NOT justified and NOT reasoned; hate is a prolonged state of anger and desire to cause harm, especially when there is a perception that one has been "wronged" in some way. This can be true or false, yet in the blind state of these urges, there is no background to hate whatsoever. Hate can lead to murder, self-destruction, and many other perils when it is blind. It's a surefire way to create a state of mental torment when it is not properly directed and controlled.

Proper hatred is necessary when there are serious injustices occurring, and one needs prolonged force to change certain circumstances. It can be necessary to instate Justice, but when one is blinded by hatred, all the other states can also magnify, so the power of hate needs careful management as it can be self-destructive.

6. Gluttony = The need to provide food for an organism is necessary for a human being to survive. Gluttony is what arises when there is no measure of health, proper judgement, or metric in regards to what one must consume to maintain an optimal or healthy biological existence. Gluttony can lead to disability and death, or terrible health.

Gluttony is a form of lust for food that is not moderated, but when properly moderated, it moves away from that state to a form of positive self-care when the biological health and consumption of the being are concerned, leading to health, mental and physical clarity, and improved management of energy.

Controlling all the above states when one spiritually evolves will mean that one is liberated from the ill effects of these and can benefit from these forces, also called "Alchemical (or psychological) Transmutation".

When the Serpent of the Kundalini force is fallen, it's in a state of looping upon itself, causing a sense of disaster. But when it is straightened out and liberated, it brings illumination. It also liberates these drives and with the help of Wisdom and the Gods one can become a person who has rectified these forces within. Before this process can even begin to occur, one has to learn to manage these forces until one is liberated from their tyrannical rule and eventually becomes their master, instead of being their slave.

The higher the soul evolves, the more it can attain these states, which bring inner tranquility, peace with oneself and the world, but also success in all the undertakings that are originally sought by the above urges, but that these urges in a blind state cannot give. The moderation of the above will always very precisely create inside the soul a state of "Eudemonia" or "Peace with one's Demon [Soul]" and bring grace both in front of the Gods and other human beings.

In Spiritual Satanism, none of these are evil; they are just representative forces of nature that need to be brought under Wisdom in order to grow into higher forms that propel a being to become purified, excellent, and powerful.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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