Natural Path

The fundamental beginning of the ladder of Enlightenment by Queen Astarte, is to observe the wonders of the Natural World.

Being part of this ladder of creation, we are unalienable beings that are bound by the order of the natural world. We exist in its rules, its regulations, but above all, in the world’s Wisdom.

Animals, microbes, seen and unseen beings, all under the same Divine Ruler of the Pentagram: Beings and creations generated out of the Five Elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Aether.

Man in his primary state, is only Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. Long is the journey of man to awaken his fifth Element, that which raise Him from the lesser natural order of materiality into the great blossoming world of the Eternal Universe: His Holy Aether.

The Disciple questioned Astarte: “Can I not only worship nature to find thee, o Great Queen of Nature?

Lady Astarte responded: “In that domain, I have hidden all my secrets. Observe them, and they will indicate to you their sacred and eternal meaning. Find Me and the Sacred Teaching, inside the wonder of the Natural Universe.

Then the Disciple in ecstatic awe, responded with an exhilarating Psalm:

In every lake, in every river,

I hear your voice, Lady Astarte!

In every tree and every owl, I see your eyes,

In every emotion of love and pleasure, I hear your Name,

In every love that I experienced, you were Ever-Present!

All my longings, the forces of nature within me, praise you in your Great Name!

Inanna is the Queen of Nature, the Queen of Heavens,” they all whisper to me,

The mountains, the rivers, the animals as they long for life-

And I stand dumbfounded; for I was a child of nature and good at my disciplines,

But forward lies my undiscovered destiny, to also become a child of the heavens -

But Behold!

For even there in the Heavens, Nature reigns and sings eternally your Divine Name, Inanna!


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