Beauty is a mysterious concept. In our world, we recognize beautiful people, beautiful works of art; beauty manifests itself with stunning force and draws our attention.

Astarte’s identity in Ancient Greece was Aphrodite; the Queen of love and beauty. According to mythology, her beauty did bewilder all beings, Gods, Armies and whole Nations, all dying and fighting just for the need to see her for a even fleeting moment.

Behind this mysterious power, Plato has penetrated. The Great Teacher Plato has mentioned as thus: “Beautiful is what is measured, harmonious and proportionate.

As a final state, beauty is the representation of many unified virtues, that are all in balance, proportion and unity.

A beautiful soul shall therefore be the one that is rectified, that is harmonious, that is proportionate in action, behavior and ethics. Same as the body which can be sculpted to exit a state of being disorderly, so can the beauty of the soul brought outward through the application of the Virtues of Aphrodite.

Plato then, when asked, pointed at the Heavens and said: “The supernal realms, are filled and rife with the Beauty of the Great God. In there, nothing is disharmonious, nothing is not measured, nothing is disproportionate.

In the material world, as manifestations of the Divine, the above state of existence is distant from us, but still accessible; we must seek to become beautiful – not only on our exterior, but most importantly in our internal world.

The beautiful soul will be borne out of the mind that is pure, orderly and proportionate to the flow of consciousness that keeps increasing.

Thinking of all of these, the Disciple inquired Aphrodite: “Great Goddess, you are so beautiful, that this beauty holds me in awe, admiration and even terror!

Lady Aphrodite responded: “Let me remind you, that Lucifer has always been the most beautiful in all of Heaven, same as I, the closest one to the Cosmic Source. Find the meaning in this statement, and the Virtue of Beauty will unveil Herself in front of you.



“O Aphrodite, Godly Queen,

Lift the veil of darkness,

Show your Beauty,

That of Yourself and of the Universe,

The Beauty that leads to the Supreme and Elevated Consciousness!”

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