VII. Social Ethics

Spiritual Satanism is a civilization-building, respecting, and promoting religion.

For human beings to attain these tasks, one must treat society in a fair and sane way, in accordance with what it does and what it can become.

Socially, Spiritual Satanists should participate in society to enjoy it, evolve it and improve their own selves.

Acting against society should only happen in the extremely rare cases where society is beyond repair or has devolved itself to pure evil; even then, the way of action must be for its restoration and harmonization, not for “destruction”.

Social destruction is not welcome in Spiritual Satanism, as it represents the destruction of the living organism that human beings have constructed in order to grow and sustain their lives through it.

If society goes down, so does the individual, no matter who they are.

Social creation and advancement is a core aim of Spiritual Satanism. Bonds, unions and proper conduct in societal affairs are highly favored and promoted in Spiritual Satanism.

If society goes upward, so does the individual, no matter who they are.

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