Basic research into the laws of physics, points us to the laws of entropy. The theory of entropy and how these effects are manifest in our world, does not mean that they are manifest in all worlds.

Entropy is really active in our world, in human beings and in human works. Self destruction is also a part of entropy.

The counteracting of entropy is to give a constant effort into maintaining things, so that they do not collapse under the weight of entropy.

This involves ourselves, our society, buildings in our world, or human relationships: Everything in existence is subject to the laws of entropy, but the Gods have created human beings with the ability to defy and win against these laws if they put concentrated effort in doing this.

Strong energetic units can be more resistant in entropy, in contrast to passivity that allows entropy to take place. The stronger our buildings are, the more resistant they will be to entropy; the same goes for our ethical character or our civilization.

We must make it a goal to strive to overcome these forces of entropy which constantly work for our destruction.

We overcome entropy by being aware of it, but also by applying the virtues of effort, following the teachings of Astarte.



“O Lady Astarte, Queen of everlasting creation,

Make us all stray far away from the law of Entropy,

Take us from the house of death,

And establish us to the house of Eternal Life.”

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