The might and power, the treasures of earth and heavens, the glories and acclaim – we human beings inherently have the drive to grow ourselves.

In our world, we are on the path to becoming something great.

We might or might not succeed. Yet, one might feel inclined to try.

The great build this upon themselves, the greater build this on themselves and others, but the strongest ones can move even above themselves.

One great act, a selfless act, contains the value of a thousand acts of a thousand acts.

Of all acts, those that look great in the eyes of the Gods and are done in purity and wisdom, are the most important.

But blessed and of the brightest heart are the Great Ones that look for the well-being and upkeep of their fellow people.



“O Master Beelzebul,

Great Beelzebul,

You Great Instructor,

Instruct us in Greatness,

For You Are Great!

Thou Art Greatness!”

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