Love & Hate

Astarte, our Goddess of Love and the Goddess of Hate. Queen of the Antithetical forces Divine marriage of both the forces, of Peace and War, Love and Hate!

Love and Hate are two most important human emotions: Love is the generative, creative force that increases what is created and improves it.

Hate is the force that casts down and destroys; for that reason, Hate and Love are both accepted and must be very wisely used, for one is a bouquet of flowers and the other is a blade that can cut them.

Blessed are those who use Balance and Thoughtful Consciousness to exercise the two Great Sisters of Love and Hate.

The Disciple then, puzzled, asked Astarte: “Queen, how can you be both the incarnation of Love, but also the incarnation of Hate?

Astarte responded kindly to the Disciple: “I am also, the Queen of Cosmic Balance. Love yourself to grow, but hate the aspects of yourself that you must improve out from, so you can love yourself all the more!



“Astarte, blessed are your children of Love and Hate,

Blessed is your Balance and Union,

Blessed is your ability to create and destroy, that you gave to Mankind,

Let us be wise partakers in your bestowed Gifts!”

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