IX. Andrapoda Ethics

The Word Andrapoda is the term that was used by Ancient Greek philosophers to describe humans at a consciousness and behavior level equal to or lesser than that of an animal.

The Andrapods can range from simply non-spiritually aware people all the way to monsters in human form.

While animals are governed by instincts and therefore fully justified for their behaviors, the Andrapod is a human being that has forsaken their higher identity and might even end up becoming, as a result, a patron of ignorance, evil, and decadence.

On the lowest levels of being an Andrapod, people will be brutal, irrational, grotesque, dangerous, and filled with many qualities that do not represent ethics in any way.

They will be socially destructive, anti-social, and can represent destruction incarnate.

As a final decay state, the Andrapod is worse than any human or animal, dangerous to themselves and to society at large. They represent the lowest levels of goodwill and kindness, and they also might be nefarious, evil, or none at all.

An Andrapod, in contrast to a merely non-spiritually aware human being, is described by an intense refusal to educate itself, advance itself, or engage in any form of action in goodwill especially towards other people.

The final level of Andrapod means one only lives to destroy and engage in self-serving activities that only destroy both the Andrapod itself and other human beings around it.

All human beings start off at a level where they are not yet sufficiently human. They have to make a choice about whether they will move towards becoming fully human or devolve into an Andrapod.

Education, physical and mental training, ethical improvement, and empowerment of the human Spirit are all necessary components for one to shed the identity of the Andrapod from within themselves.

Spiritual Satanists are never Andrapoda, as they have made a change in their identity through Spiritual Satanism. If a Spiritual Satanist behaves in this manner, they should either be brought back to their senses or excommunicated from being a Joy of Satan Spiritual Satanist.

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