VIII. Respect Ethics

Mutual respect is the concept of respecting other beings as one would like to be respected by other beings.

In Spiritual Satanism, one must respect their Elders, but the Elders must also respect their Young: They must also, all together, respect everyone who is not young or old.

Mutual respect is the process through which the existence of other beings is recognized and respected.

To understand how to respect others, one must first learn self-respect and recognize other beings for what they are.

Humans have ranging levels of respect they can deserve according to their actions and achievements, but every being also deserves a baseline of fundamental respect by default.

In the majority of cases, the basic borderline ethics of respect are best for everyone to uphold.

Among Spiritual Satanists, respect must be the common consensus.

Cases where individuals are strongly of an Andrapod nature should be closely evaluated to see if they deserve this respect.

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