Into a Human

Before being a God, what have you done to be a man? This I ask myself. What do I know of my humanity, and what do I understand of it?

Have I smelled the perfumes and the flowers? Or have I not existed? I think I know the greater mountain, but I have not yet conquered my own mountain!

Of what point is it for me to admire the next mountain, if I have not climbed this one first?

I must transform into a man! Man is human, all too human. The question before moving on is this: Have we become attained in becoming fully a definition of what we can call a “Human”?

Before this, where are we going?

As Spiritual Satanism is a path to make a human out of nothing but flesh, so must out of this idle flesh be created a full human with spirit.

I accept where I am now; I am a child, I am an adult, I am elderly. I am human, but have I made this manifest?

Like a caterpillar that will become a butterfly, we must first become a caterpillar: For now our humanity is nothing but an idea, yet we call ourselves “humans”.



“O Master Beelzebul,

Show me the ways of humanity,

For being a human,

If done properly,

Is enough!”

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