XVII. Reincarnation Ethics

In Spiritual Satanism, it is a given and accepted knowledge that reincarnation is a factual reality.

The process of this is holy and sacred because the Gods instated these rules for humans to not perish but rather become infinite and eternal beings like them in the end.

We will reincarnate again and again until we complete the Magnum Opus, or the Great Work of the Gods.

The knowledge of reincarnation produces further four imperatives:

1. To work on ourselves to reach our highest potential in this lifetime, since our time is precious and everything will be carried on to our next life that is founded inside our souls.

2. To leave behind us a better world, or at least better things, as much as we can. We will have to live in the future generations for which we labored to build, or in the downfallen ones that we did not bother to build.

3. Our deeds, positive or negative, follow us, and they build upon us. This allows for infinite potential for evolution, upward or downward.

4. Family, Ancestry, our people, and our species are of exceptional importance and they represent the immortal existence of ourselves now and in future generations.

The increase or decrease in all of the above is a matter that reincarnation will bring in front of us again.

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