XIV. Pagan Brotherhood

Pagans, or believers in the Ancient Gods, are to be respected and fondly driven and guided to eventually and hopefully achieve the highest levels of initiation.

Not all are ready for this, and we must respect their pace of learning and understanding.

Not all souls are ready to accept the full knowledge or initiation of the Gods.

Some want to simply follow the Gods; that is fair and beautiful.

These people still deserve social respect, and they are to be treated as distant members of our brotherhood – but not as our Equals.

The superiority of Spiritual Satanists resides in the fact that one fully initiates themselves to the Gods themselves.

Pagans are under our Gods, and they are therefore under us also.

There should not be infighting with Pagans, but rather soft guidance so they eventually evolve to the next tier of understanding: Spiritual Satanism.

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