Satan told me he will be giving me the formula to the Magnum Opus. The Magnum Opus is the highest working in Satanism, and the end result of all legitimate occult disciplines, the allegories and the legends of the Gods.

The Magnum Opus is physical and spiritual perfection and immortality.

The effects of the Magnum Opus are said to reverse aging- grey hair turns back to its natural color, lost teeth grow back in, ailments are cured and perfect health is restored.

I strongly advise anyone who begins this working to be totally out of puberty.

This section is under construction in that Satan and Azazel are working with me now and more information will be forthcoming. I will keep everyone up to date when more information is added.

Demons who specialize in "metal-working" - all of this is spiritual and the metals are the chakras. Many Demons specialize with guidance in regards to the Magnum Opus. It helps to have a Demon/ess work with you.

Obviously, the Magnum Opus is very advanced and anyone beginning this work should be totally familiar both in direct experience and knowledge with power meditation.

This working is a process which will take time. The meditations given are exceptionally powerful and are not for newbies or the inexperienced. It has been quoted, that in the end, many will find the truth too late, in that xianity and its cohorts are a vicious hoax and a lie, but it will be too late for them. This working takes time.

There are certain preliminary meditations initiates must perform to prepare the soul for the more advanced workings which will build upon these. They are given below.

Upon deeper research, Satan gives his children the gift of immortality. Satan is the bringer and giver of knowledge, along with many Demon friends. Satan is the one and only True God and Creator of humanity. Xians talk the talk about perfection, immortality, everlasting life, etc., Everything of xianity is false.

Satan shows us the truth and the way.


I place my affairs in the hands of those whom I have tried and who are in accord with my desires.
- Satan

Step One

Step Two

Step Three



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