Step Three

The next step is activating and fueling the sacral chakra, which produces the male aspect of the elixer. When it is fully operating, this chakra transforms the life-force/vitality into the male aspect of the elixer of life. This is accomplished through constant heat from the sacral chakra.
Then, through a special process, the two elixirs are combined, but only after they are properly cleansed, which is another step I will add soon. The result is reversal of aging, all ailments go away and there is immortality and physical and spiritual perfection as the Gods.

This meditation is NOT pleasant! Satan told me 'There are some who are fanatics and take this to extremes.' By this he meant abstinence and celibacy which he confirmed are VERY UNHEALTHY.

It is important that you have full orgasms along with this meditation, BUT- THEY MUST BE AT LEAST SEVERAL HOURS OR MORE FROM PERFORMING THIS MEDITATION. In other words, don't do the two close together. Wait to have sexual intercourse/orgasm at least several hours after performing this meditation. Full orgasm is every bit as important and has other benefits.

Here is the meditation:

Stimulate yourself OR (for men) if you wake up in the morning with an erection, breathe the arousal into your second sexual/sacral chakra until it is completely gone- no erection. For women, you should no longer feel any arousal. This can take a few breaths. This is most effective when done during the am hours.

What this does, it activates and fires up the sacral chakra, and condenses and stores the life-force which is essential to the working. If done correctly, you will begin to feel a heat/burning sensation in the second chakra. This is the 'lower burner.' The arousal is your life-force and is exceptionally powerful. This life-force/vitality is then condensed and stored in the second chakra instead of being dissipated through ejaculation/orgasm. The heat transforms it and it then turns into an elixir like the ambrosia from the pineal gland.

For those with less sex drive, using a vibrator can be a help in sexually arousing yourself.

Partners can also work together in foreplay, and when almost to orgasm, breathe the energy back into the sacral chakra.

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