Step Two

For those of you who have begun their preliminary work on the Magnum Opus (circulating your ball of light), the next step is very important:

You all need to locate your pineal gland. It is in the center of the brain and down to the right a bit below. Those of you who are working on this should begin meditating on your pineal gland. One excellent way to do this is by relaxing and breathing energy into it and expanding it on the exhale, like you would your aura.

The pineal gland is where one major part of the elixer of life is secreted in what is called "dripping ambrosia." You will know when you have found it and activated it as the ambrosia is bliss and pleasure beyond words. You will definitely feel it. Don't do this if you must be somewhere and are time sensitive as the pleasure can be so extreme that getting up and about can be near impossible.

There is much more to this, but what I have above is a major step. I will be writing more on this soon, as there is another step that must be worked on and mastered. At this point, those of you who are following along should do pineal meditation every day. This is important. The ambrosia of the pineal gland is the female part of the elixer.

Here are some exercises you can adapt that will work on your pineal gland:

3rd Eye, Pineal Breathing Meditation

Another very effective exercise is to perform alternate nostril breathing, where you hold at the top of the inhale. To adapt this, just inhale into your pineal gland and expand it on the exhale. The breath follows wherever the attention is focused.

Pineal void meditation: Just focus on your pineal gland. Center yourself in it, feel it, and if it secretes the elixer, meditate on the beautiful energy. This is very effective.

Pineal Meditation

Meditation from Satan
For the above, breathe the energy directly into your pineal gland instead of the 6th chakra.

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