Step One

Step one and step two should be done together. It is imperative that you locate and activate your pineal gland, as this gland secretes the female aspect of the elixer of life.

1. Clean your aura and chakras thoroughly.

2. Do any breathing exercise of your choice that will get your witchpower going.

3. When you can feel your witchpower, condense it into a ball of light and circulate it this way- take it to your sacral (2nd) chakra in the front, then to your perinium, your base chakra, your sacral chakra on your spine, work it on up through each chakra on your spine to the crown chakra. From there, drop it into the middle sixth chakra, behind the third eye and then down a bit to the right and onto the pineal gland. From there, to the third eye on the forhead and then to the front throat chakra and on down the front, back to the sacral chakra. For the Magnum Opus, the energy must return to and be stored in the sacral (2nd) chakra.
This completes one circuit.

To correctly perform this meditation, you should be intent, but relaxed in directing the condensed witchpower to each chakra. You should feel a pressure sensation (most common) or that the energy is right in the chakra. Most of the time, this begins as a slow process. You need to "feel" the energy, this is very important. Take your time with it.

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