Specific Meditations

When using power meditations for a specific purpose, it is very important that you cover every aspect of how you want the energy to manifest in your affirmation. For example, when making an affirmation to attract money, if one only affirms for attracting money, the money may come and even be in one's hands, but this could be like a bank teller or cashier or the money may belong to or be taken by another. Get it? The mind does exactly what it is told to do and does not understand specifics unless it is *told* EXACTLY how the energy is to manifest. The easiest route is always taken by the mind and aura regardless of what that route is. This is why it is so important to be as specific in as little words as possible with your affirmations. Energy does exactly what it is told to do.

The affirmations I included are a basic guide. You can use them or modify them as you see fit.

Another example is with weight loss. Just affirming to lose weight is unwise. You certainly wouldn't want to lose weight through an illness like cancer. It is important to affirm "I am losing excess and unneeded body fat in a very healthy way." See what I mean? This is very serious.

All workings must also be able to manifest in reality. In other words, they must be physically possible.

Always word affirmations in the present tense, as the right side of the brain does not understand future tense - i.e., "will" never happens and the mind does not understand future tense.

As with all workings, you must have faith and will that what you want will manifest itself. Desire is very important!

When you are finished with the meditation, no matter what the meditation is for- PUT IT OUT OF YOUR MIND! Let it work and do its job! Don't think about it or dwell on it or you will interfere with the energy.

Never spread your energies thin. Work on one problem at a time. The more places your energies go, the weaker they become. Evergy should be directed like a laser.

Like a computer, we can program our auras/souls for specific things and the programs will be lasting once we get them going and manifesting results. The program will stay in the aura until we remove it, if we ever choose to. From time to time it may need to be reinforced by meditations and affirmations, but will remain in the soul, even through future lifetimes.





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