Creating a Fire Elemental Thoughtform

This can obviously be dangerous. You should be adept at controlling and holding the fire element. Out of control, this entity can set anything on fire at random and is not to be toyed with. Be sure to read the page on Advanced Thoughtforms before attempting this. You should also be adept at creating and controlling basic advanced thoughtforms before working with fire.

1. Enter into a trance and visualize yourself are in the middle of fire. Feel the heat and hear the hissing and crackling of the flames and feel the burning.

2. Now, begin to collect and condense that fire into a sphere in front of you. Draw the fire element from all directions into the sphere in front of you. Do this by exhaling and willing the fire into the sphere. The more of the fire element you direct into the sphere, the more dense, material, and hotter it will become. You should feel the heat while you are doing this. The more you compress and condense the fire, the more the heat will grow. You should actually have the sensation of literally being in the middle of a fire. You can also shape the fire ball into any form you wish. The form should correspond with the task you intend it to do.

3. Now program the fire ball with whatever you desire it to do. Desire strongly and feel the desire deeply while stating your affirmations. The affirmations should be a short, repeated phrase, right to the point and precise.

4. Like any other incendiary, the fire form will burn with the larger fire it creates. You should order the elemental to dissolve with the fire it creates, ending the mission.

5. Name your thoughtform and say this name several times.

6. Breathe in and then blow out with force, sending the ball on its way.

7. Forget about the thoughtform and working. Let it do its job.

The uses for the fire thoughtform are obviously to set something ablaze. I have found when using fire magick, one glows with a warm aura or feels heat when the directed energy or entity is doing its job. The fire ball can be directed into the body of an enemy when working black magick. These methods were used by 1920's, and 1930's Satanic Lodges in Germany [Adolf Hitler belonged to one] and used to eliminate enemies in the form of a psychic sacrifice. If the victim is not adept with fire, his/her blood will literally boil. The end result will more than likely be a heart attack; death from natural causes.



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