Advanced Thoughtforms/Servitors

The procedure is as follows:

1. Go into a medium trance and visualize yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light, like engulfed in a sun. White is all purpose, but colors can be used.

2. Use this light to shape a ball of light, compacting and drawing more and more light into the ball until it has a diameter of approximately 10-15 inches. The ball should be like a brilliant radiating sun. The brighter the ball, the more powerful it is.

3. Now program the servitor with whatever you desire it to do. Desire strongly [heart and solar chakras], and feel this intensely while making your affirmations. The affirmations should be a short phrase, straight to the point and repeated several times in the present tense.

4. Name your thoughtform and say this name several times, programming the name into the thoughtform.

5. Breathe in and then blow out with force, sending the ball on its way.

7. Forget about the servitor and working. Let it do its job.

A servitor knows neither time nor space. Using external energy is important in workings of black magick and workings where you must be completely detached from the thoughtform as opposed to running the energy through yourself with simple thoughtforms.

It is important to "feed" the servitor not only to keep its power strong, but to keep it programmed as to its mission. This way, it will remain a faithful servitor, and will not have to be destroyed. Throughout the centuries, witches kept servitors, some of these relationships have even spanned lifetimes. This is achieved by calling the servitor by the name given to it, and breathing more light energy into it, reaffirming its mission, or programming another mission into it, and then sending it off again, or allowing it to rest [see below].

**The servitor can occupy a doll, a special "house" like a doll's house, an urn, even a large framed wall photo or painting, or any other physical object when the servitor is dormant. This object should only be used by the servitor and never for anything else.

Servitors are lesser souls with some degree of intelligence and consciousness. Servitors are capable of carrying out certain missions and obviously they can be faithful and obedient servants. In addition, servitors can reappear in future lifetimes to offer further services. Many remain with their creators throughout many lifetimes.

With the help of a servitor, you can influence the minds of others, you can strengthen or weaken another person’s mental and intellectual faculties, you can protect yourself or others from negative influences, cause confrontations and animosity between others, or influence peaceful relations. You can produce a favorable atmosphere in associating with others, and also can bring others under your influence and control, providing you are strong enough. The businessperson can enlarge the number of his/her customers, and the servitor can be helpful to him/her in many other ways. ¹

¹ Initiation into Hermetics by Franz Bardon