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talk= brita
talked= brita
tartar= lulo
tell them= mapsama
temple= siaion
terror= ciaofi
than the barren stone= orri
than the earth= caosgin
than the manifold winds= ozongon
that= fafen, na, ar
that govern= artabas
that increase= arcoazior
that range= dsonf
that understand= dsom
that you may praise him= restil
that the glory of her= busdirtilb/bvsdirtilb
the= a
thee= isli
their abiding= cafafam
their feet= lvsda
their hands= ozol
their heads= dazi
their names= omaoas
and their powers= odlonshin
from their mouths= bvtmoni/butmoni
in their beauty= tvrbs
in their eyes= ooanoan
of their mysteries= cicles
with their ministers=cnoqvodi
gave them= dlugar/dlvgar
giving unto them= dlvgar
in them= par
let them be defaced= tonug/tonvg
let them become= noasmi
let them differ= dilzmo
let them forget= bams
let them serve you= aboapri
there= da
there were= zirom
how many are there= irgilchisda
let there be= christeos
therefore= ca
these= unal/vnal
these are= unalchis/vnalchis
they= par, z
they are= zchis
they are apparailed= zonac
they are become= inoas
they frown not= ucim/vcim
all things= tofglo
the second beginning of things= croodzi
third flame= diaspert
and the third= odd
are as the third= chistad
the third angle= dviv
the third heaven= piripson
this= oi
thorn/s= nanba
those= priaz, priazi
thou= ils
art thou= ils
be thou= bolp
O thou= ils
thee= yls, ta
thy= il, q
thought/s= angelard
thousand= matb, eors
three= d
throne= oxiayal
through= malprg
thrusting= malprg
thunder= avavago, const, coraxo
the thunders of judgement and wrath= coraxo
the thunders of increase= avavago
thus= noan
thy beginning= croodzi
thy loins= daxil
in thy= aqlo
time= capimao, cocasb, cocasg
of time= cocasb
the time= acocasb
the contents of time= qcocasb
the number of time= gapimaon
time after time= capimali, capmiali
times= cocasg
for two times= olani
to= de
to are not= ichiseg
to the center= ovoars
to dispose= lrasd
to govern= caba
to him that= ds
to the intent that= fafen
to our comfort= bliors
to the providence= iarri
to the righteous= samvelg
to stir up= lring
to the stooping dragons= abaivonin
to the terror= ciaofi
to vanne the Earth= arcaosgi
to water= zlida
to whom= casarm
to the wicked= babalon
to you= nonca
be to the Earth= caosgon
not to be measured= maoffas
together= commah
torment= mir,
a torment= pizin
tower/s= umadea, vmadea
train= fafen
treasure= limlal
trinity= na
triumph (to triumph)= homtoh
triumpeth= toh
the true worshipper= hoath
the true ages= homil
truss/ed (to truss)= commah
truth= vaoan, vooan
and truth= vooan, odvooan
the secrets of truth= laiad
twelve= os
twenty-fourth= ol
twice= olani
two (seperated)= pala
two (together)= pola
for two times= olani
with two edged swords= napta


of undefiled knowledge= iadanamad
under= oroch, orocha
under whom= casarmi
under whose= casarman
under you= oroch
underneath= orocha
understand= faaip, om
that understand= dsom
understanding= gmicalzoma, oma
her understanding= omtilb
with a power understanding= gmicalzoma
unspeakable= adphaht
until= cacrg
unto= pambt, pugo
unto the creator= qadah
unto every one of you= vomsarg
unto his servants= cnoqod
unto me= pambt
unto this remembrance= papnor
unto us= tia
unto whom= casarm
as unto= pvgo
be friendly unto me= zorge
giving unto them= dlugar/dlvgar
hearken unto= solpeth
like unto the harvest= aziagiar
bind up= allar
gather up= aldon
gird up= aldon
laid up= maafi
lift up= goholor
rose up= torzvlp
to stir up= zixlai, lring
you lifted up= farzm
upon= mir, mirc
upon the Earth= caosg
amongst us= aaiom
apply yourselves unto us= imvamar
conclude us= iaial
make us= ozazma
visit us= ef
visit us in peace= fetharsi
unto us= tia


van= ar
vanne= arcaosgi
variety= damploz
veil= zodimibe
vessels= zizop
from the highest vessels= izizop
vestures= zimz
vex= dodpal, dodrmni, dods
vexation= dodsih
vexed= dodrmni
vexing= dods
vial= efafafe, ofafafe
viols= efafafe
your viols= ofafafe
vinegar, mother of= lulo
virgin/s= paradiz
visit= ef, f, t
visit the Earth= fgaosga
visit us= ef
visit us in peace= fetharsi
visit with comfort= fbliard
voice (the)= bialo
cried with a loud voice= bahal
my voice= bien
your voices= bia, zvrza
your voices of wonder= sald
vomit= oxex


walk= insi
warden= lixipsp
was= zirop
water (to water)= zlida
water (noun)= zodinu
waters= sobam
wax= ugeg, ugegi, odvgeg
waxeth= vgegi, ugegi
we= ge, gohia
weave= oado
wedding= paracleda
weed out= fifalz
weeping= raclir
were= zirom
west= sobol, soboln
wherefore= dasar
wherein= quiin, qviin, vo
which= ds
which also= dst
which are= dschis
which dwell= dspraf
which have= dsbrin
which I have prepared= dsabramg
which is= dsi
which reign= dsonf
which remain= dspaaox
and which= ds
while= capimao
and another while= odcacocasb
one while= lcapimao
who= ds
whole= saga
whom= casarma, el, sobam
in whom= casarmg
of whom= casarman
on whom= asobama
under whom= casarmi
unto whom= casarm
whose= soba
whose beginning= baltoh
whose courses= sobolzar
whose eyes= sabaooaona
whose god= sobaiad
whose long continuance= solamian
whose numbers= cormfa
whose works= sobhaath
in whose= sobra
on whose hands= azien
under whose= casarman
why= bagle
for why= bagle
wicked= babalon
widow= rior
will (your will be done)= gemeganza
will of god= aldaraia, soyga
wind= ozongon, zong
of the winds= zong
than the manifold winds= ozongon
window= como, comobliort
wine= roxtan
wing= upaah
winnow= ar
wisdom= ananael
with= a, c
with admiration= grsam
with age= homin
with another= asimp
with continual burning lamps=
with darkness= ors
with diamond= achildao
with dryness= orscor
with feet= lvsdan, lusdan
with the fire= prge
with her creatures= toltorgi
with a hundred= ior
with the heavens= piripsax
with ornaments so bright= luciftian
with a power understanding= gmicalzoma
with poison= faboan
with their ministers= cnoqvodi
with those= priazi
with two edged swords= napta
cried with a loud voice= bahal
looking with gladness= dorphal
visit with comfort= fbliard
within the depths of my jaws= piadph
within her= tiolb
woe= ohio
wonder= sald
work (to work)= vaul, vaun
work wonders= vavlzirn
the work of man= conisbra
you might work= vavn
workman/workmen= canal
works= sobhaath
works of man= conisbra
wormwood= tatan
worship= boaluahe
worshipper= hoath
the true worshipper= hoath
wrath= unph, vonph, vonpho
the wrath= vonph
is wrath= ivonph
is wrath and anger= ivonpovnph
of wrath= vonpho


ye= niis
yea= noib
you= g, gi, nonci
to you= nonca, noncf, noncp
your= g
yourselves= amiran


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