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abiding= cafafam/casasam (variation)
ability= bab
above the firmaments=calz
according to= marb
action= sor
act= (towards us)= imuamar
add= uml, vml
admiration= rsam
admiration, (with)= g-rsam
age= homin
ages (eras, eons)= homin
ages,(the true)=homil
age, with age =homin
alchemical sulfur= dlasod
all= tol, ton
all creatures=tolhami
all one= L, il
all powerful=iaidon
all things= tofglo
also= t, dst
always= paid
am (I am)= zir, zirdo
am (I am the lord your god)=zirenaiad
amidst= nothoa
among= aaf aai, aao, eai, oai, nothoa
among us= aaiom
among you= aai
amongst=aaf, aao, bogpa
and= od, sa, das
and =ds
angel= merifri/murifri
anger= unph, vonph, vonpho
anger (is wrath and anger)=ivonpovnph
angle= diu
of the fourth angle=sdiv
of the second angle=vivdiv
of the third angle=dviv
another= symp, simp, smnad, ca,
one another=lsmnad
with another=asymp
any, at any= droln
appear= zamran, zacar
and appear=odzamran
apply (one's self)= imvarmar
apply yourselves to us=imvarmar
are =chis, biab
are as=chista
are as the third=chistad
are become=noas
are covered=ethamz
are divided=poilp
are garnished=hvbar
are harbored=blans
are measured=chisholq
are mighty=chismicaolz
are prepared=abramig
are (you are; thou art)=geh
are not=gchisge
these are=vnalchis
(they are)= chiis, chis, chiso, zchis
(we are)= gea
are, (shall be) =chiso
are, art =geh
are they=chiis
arise= torzu, torzul, torzulp, torgu, torgv, torzv
ark= erm
ark of knowledge=iadnah
art thou=ils
as= ca, ta (even as)= plosi
as many= plosi
as unto= pugo
(are as)=chista
(such as)=corsta
as receivers=ednas
(is as)=ita
(even as)=nomig
as pleasant deliverers=obelisong
as unto=pvgo
(or as)=qta
as continual comforters=tablior
as is not=tage
as the first= talo
as bucklers= talolcis
as sharp sickles=tapvin
as olives=taqanis
as the second=taviv
away, come away=niiso, niisa


balance= prap
the balance= piamo
-be (become)= noan, noaln, noar, noas, noasmi, nenni
-he/she/it is= i
-I am= zir, zirdo
-they are= chiis, chis, chiso
-you are; thou art= geh
-was= as, zirop
-it was= nostoah
-were= zirom
-be friendly (unto me)= zorge
-be mighty= omicaolz
be numbered=cormpt
-be thou= bolp
be to the Earth= caosgon
-cannot be= ipamis
-is not= ipam
-let there be= christeos
may be= noaln
not to be measured= maoffas
-shall be= trian
and shall be=chiso
beasts, beasts of the field, for the =levithmong
Beautified= vrbs
beautify= urbs; viruden
beauty= turbs, tvrbs
because= bagle, baglen
become= noas
become strong= vgeg
become, they are become =inoas
become, thus you are= noan
-is become= noar
-let them become= noasmi
-may become= noaln
-you are become= noan
-you have become= nenni
bed= tianta
before= aspt
before you/thee= ylsi, ilsi
-go before= tustax
begin= amgedpha
I begin anew=amgedpha
beginning= acroodzi, croodzi, gevamna, iaod, iaodaf
in the beginning= iaodaf
the beginning= croodzi, iaod
thy beginning= croodzi
whose beginning= baltoh
beginnings= croodzi
begotton= gedotbar
behold= micma
bind= allar
bind up=allar
bitter sting= grosb
blood, blood of= cnila
branch(s)= lilonon
breath, living breath= gigipah
bright=lvciftian, luciftian
brightness= lvciftian, luciftian, luciftias, lvciftias
dwelling in the brightness=faonts
bring down= drix
bring forth= yolcam, iolcam, yolci
bringeth= iolci
bringeth out= iolci
brother= esiasch
the brothers=esiasch
buckler= lolcis
buckles= talolcis
building= orsca, trof
built= on
burn= ialpon
burning= ialpor
burning flame(s)= ialprg, ialpvrg
and burning= olpirt
with contuinual burning lamps=peoal
but= crip, crp, oq, crpl
by= saanir


call (be called)= umd, um
called, named=um; vmd
call is called = ivmd
can (be able to)= adgt
cannot =ipamis
carry out (execute)= fifis
cast down= adrpan
casting down =adrpft
cattle= levithmong
cave/s= tabges
center= ovoars
chamber= oog
circle= comselh
clothed= zonac
clothes/ clothing= zimz
coat= mabza
come away= niisa
come forth= niiso
come out= carma
come ye= niis
comfort (have)= blior, bliar, bliora,
comfort with= bliard
of comfort= bliorb, bliort
places of comfort= pibliar
shall comfort (to give)= bliorax
to our comfort= bliors
visit with comfort= fbliard
a window of comfort= comobliort
comforter= bigliad
conclude= iaial
confirming angels= sach
confound =vnchi, unchi
confound (let it confound)= oucho, ovcho
confounding angels= urch
conjure thee= zodameta
conquer= madzilodarp
container= izizop, zizop
contents= qcocasb
continual comforters= blior
as continual comforters= tablior
continual workmen= canal
with continual burning lamps= peoal
continually= pild, caosg
continuance= miam, mian, nuam
and continuance= odmiam
long continuance= miam
whose long continuance= solamian
corner= miinoag
corners= mimoag
count= cormp, cormpo, cormpt
course/s= elzap; zar
her course= elzaptilb
whose courses= sobolzar
covenant= sibsi
cover/are covered= ethamz
creation= qaa, qaan, qaaon, qaas
in your creation= qaaon
of your creation= qaa
your creation- qaas
creator= qaal, qadah
of the creator = qaadah
the creator= qaal
creature= ham, hami
creature/creatures of the Earth= toltorg, toltorn
on all creatures= tolhami
with her creatures =toltorgi
cried= bahal
crown(s) (object)= momao
crown (to crown)= momar crowned
crucible= rlodnr
cry aloud= bahal
cup= tablo
cups= talho
curse/cursed= amma


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