Standard Destruction Ritual for Revenge

The following ritual is basically for beginners and those who are new. Adepts use more techniques that are advanced and in many cases, a formal ritual is not needed. For those of us who have powerful souls, just dwelling upon the hated one with thoughts of hatred, is often enough to bring curses upon that person. Visualizing the hated one with a grey aura, while dwelling upon the above amplifies this, but again, your soul must be powerful enough, which is accomplished through consistent meditation.The strength of your mind, aura, will, focus, and hatred determine the outcome of any destruction ritual. Often, one or two workings are not enough and the workings need to be repeated, especially during a waning moon [full to new phase].When one is new, Satan and his Demons often grant favors, but the essence of true Satanism is self-empowerment.

The Destruction Ritual begins with the Standard Ritual.

After invoking the Four Crowned Princes of Hell, you should read a prayer that you have written by yourself in your own words asking for the destruction of your enemy. Work on only one enemy at a time, unless you have a specific agreement with a Demon/ess in exchange for services you both agree upon. Attempting to punish more than one enemy at a time will only weaken your energies, as they will be dispersed. Energy should be directed like a laser to do its job.

Included in the prayer should be the name of the offending one, the severity of the punishment you wish to see inflicted, and how they offended you and your feelings about being victimized. It also helps to have either a small personal possession of the offender's or a photo of them, but is not necessary.

Either read the prayer aloud or silently to yourself, then push the tip of your athame through the paper and light it with the flame of one of your candles and place it in the burning bowl.

Now this next step is extremely important. The following is a good cathartic that can be a lifesaver to one's mental health and psychological well-being. This is the meditation step and is highly recommended in cases where there is an extreme amount of pent up anger and hatred: Here is where you visualize the person as clearly as you can and just let loose until total exhaustion. This ritual is best done while the offender is sleeping.

Visualize the offender clearly and inflict all of the mutilation, injury, and pain you can imagine upon them. Beat them, stab them, torture them, and torment them. You can repeatedly recite their name over and over again in your mind. Release all of your hatred and anger in any way you wish. Just do it in your mind. Some people hate someone so hard they cry- this is fine, this is a cathartic and a very intensely emotional release. You must continue on and on until you are literally exhausted.

The most important thing here is to stay focused. You should also feel very justified. Any lapse in concentration or feelings that creep in where you feel you are not 100% in the right and completely may not only destroy a destruction ritual, but can be dangerous.

Now, close the ritual by giving thanks to Satan and any Demons you may have called forth that the offender will be rightfully punished. Ring the Bell, turning clockwise and say HAIL SATAN!! Either silently to yourself or aloud.

Take the burned remains and you can flush them down the toilet or dispose of them in some other degrading manner.

Take all of the time you need with this and then some. You have just dealt with some very negative and destructive energy. You should clean your aura and chakras. Follow the instructions in this article, vibrating the words of power 108 times.

You should also keep cleaning your aura for several days following the working. Vibrations here are essential.

It is important that you put the experience behind you and do not dwell on the offender or concern yourself with hopeful anticipation over their punishment. Let the working do its job. Banish the offender and the incident from your thoughts. This working can take up to a month or more.

**The ritual can be varied, using a POPPET

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