How to Clean Your Aura

Cleaning your aura is essential for spiritual hygiene. By cleaning your aura on a daily basis, you protect yourself against psychic attacks and illnesses. A clean aura is charismatic and will encourage better relations with others. People will naturally be more considerate and grant favors to one whose aura is clean and radiating with energy. Here is where we influence people and get them to do as we wish. Negative thoughtforms used in black magick and generated from the ill will, jealousy, and/or anger of others attach to one's aura and invite misfortune such as accidents, illnesses, and so forth. Cleaning one's aura [as long as there are no serious problems] only takes a few minutes a day and is well worth it. When one is ill, and/or depressed, the aura is dirty and can take many meditations to clean. What is within reflects in one's aura. When there is an illness, whether it has already manifested itself, or is pending, the aura will take on a dirty grayish color.

Ideally, one should clean the aura twice a day- upon awaking and before falling asleep at night. Cleaning your aura before you go to sleep is essential. The more people you come into contact with throughout the day, the more thoughtforms and energy will attach to your astral body, often resulting in problems. People's astral bodies intermingle on a daily basis. As with physical viruses and physical germs, the astral body can be vulnerable to negative energies, and then manifest in illnesses, accidents, and so forth on the physical self.


1. Visualize a bright light all over yourself. Hold this for one or more minutes. It doesn't take very long.
2. Now, visualize the light even brighter and more intensified on each of your chakras, like a miniature sun.

That's all there is to it, for a short working. This exercise can alert you to any negative energy or psychic attacks and prevent them from manifesting. If you notice your aura or chakras are seriously dirty, as with an illness, then repeat the full aura cleaning:

TO FULLY CLEAN YOUR AURA, recite a Satanic rosary, with the seed mantra for the Sun, while visualizing yourself engulfed in brilliant white-gold light. Focus the vibration into your entire soul. You can choose whichever mantra for the Sun you feel comfortable working with, as both are effective:
"SURYA" SUUU-RR-YAH For an audio Mp3 of Surya, please click here
"RAUM" RR-AHH-UUU-MMM For an audio Mp3 of RAUM, please click here.
Please Click Here for an Mp3 Audio of Both Rs.

Please feel free to download and save these Mp3s.

Using a desk lamp with a flexible neck, shining in your face is another prop for visualizing the light indoors. Outside, if you can, use the sun. The sun is also a wonderful and powerful source of energy. DO NOT USE LED LIGHT BULBS OR LAMPS THAT HAVE LED BUILT INTO THEM!! THESE CAN SEVERELY DAMAGE YOUR EYES, EVEN THOUGH YOUR EYES ARE CLOSED. USE A SOFT WHITE LIGHT BULB, WHICH IS SAFE IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO THIS. NOTE MOST FLASHLIGHTS HAVE THE LED LIGHTING. DO NOT USE THEM!!

Vibration is much more effective in cleaning the aura. This can be done every day, if one so desires. Visualization alone, oftentimes, is not only very difficult in cases where one is very ill, but is not nearly as effective as also using vibration. Because the soul is made of light, the Sun contains all of the visible colors of the spectrum, and in addition, light that is invisible to the naked eye, which is also an integral part of the soul. Visualizing light as bright as the Sun and reciting the solar mantra is very powerful in cleaning the soul of all negative energies.

If you see your aura as dirty or gray, and have trouble cleaning it, this can be a warning. Illness and other negative things appear in the aura before they manifest. Take extra immune-boosting vitamins, such as Vitamin C, and be extra careful of what you eat and so forth for the next few days until it clears. I have experienced this a few times and took precautions and it went away. Many times, the aura gives a warning that won't manifest if the right precautions are taken. Tune into your intuition. Other times, it can be like astrology; a Saturn issue. The more you clean your aura and apply your aura of protection, the better off you will be.

Quite often, if there is a problem, such as illness or if there is a lot of negative energy, one will have difficulty in visualizing the light. Once enough energy builds from repeated workings, visualizing the light will become much easier. Seeing the light indicates that the working is doing its job. This is also in the case of Satanic healings. If the illness is severe and/or chronic, it may take several workings before one may be able to visualize and see the light. If this is the case, this indicates that the working should be repeated frequently, even past the point of where one appears to be fully healed. Regardless, whether one can easily "see" the light or not, one should do one's best to visualize the light, even in the most difficult of cases.

Contrary to many teachings, Satan/Lucifer is the bringer of light. Since the Demons have been liberated, their auras have drastically increased in light. Their power has increased as well. In some of the old grimoires, certain Demons have related their hopes to 'return to the light.' Those of us who have worked with them understand what they meant by this statement. The light is in the aura. The soul is made up of light and needs light in order to have power. Father Satan levitated in front of me one time. When he did so, his aura became extremely brilliant with light.

"Light is Power" - Lilith




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