Basic Meditation Program

When one is new to power meditation, it is important to start out with a program. There are many different meditations on this site for different effects. A basic meditation program should consist of Void Meditation as this helps us in controlling unwanted thoughts and with directing our minds.

Breathing exercises are essential to any meditation program [for more information, please click here].

The Foundation Meditation is a very important meditation as it helps us to learn to feel and absorb energy, which is essential to using the powers of your mind and soul. If you are new, it is best to start out with basic white light. White light is easy to use because it contains all of the colors of the spectrum. The soul is made of light. With experience, you can advance to working with colors for specific things. Color energy is very powerful.

Chakra work should be included in each meditation session as this is necessary to empower your aura and soul. I have found directed orgasm to be very effective in opening the chakras. Orgasm is a good way to open a meditation, as it is naturally relaxing. If your chakras are blocked, simply direct the energy during your climax, up your spine to the specific chakra. Visualize it as a stream of bright light in the same color as the chakra you are trying to open, and simultaneously visualize the blocked chakra opening and the energy flowing through it. This can take months, but in time, a permanent circuit will be established.

The EZ Chakra Spin is fine to start out with before advancing to meditations that are more powerful. Remember, we are all individuals and where one person may experience pleasure and positive results for a specific meditation, another may not. Always go by the way you feel. If a certain meditation doesn't feel right, then stop and try a different meditation.

Meditation sessions should ideally last for 15 - 30 minutes a day. If you are short on time, doing just 5 - 10 minutes is better than doing nothing. Skipping days will throw you behind and when you are new, inconsistency can cause depression as your body tries to adjust to the increased bioelectricity.

Aura Cleaning should also be done daily. This only takes a couple of minutes and in the long run, it prevents any negative energy from attaching itself to your aura. Negative energy causes accidents, sickness, and depression.

Meditation programs can be changed every so often. An indication your program needs changing is when you no longer feel that you are raising any energy or making any progress. As long as you are comfortable with a certain program and are making advances, there is no need to change unless you get bored.

The objective of meditation is both to empower yourself and to learn to handle energy. Power meditation opens the energy centers [chakras] of the soul. Each chakra has specific energies that open different areas of the mind [Satanism is using more than just 5 - 10 percent of your brain]. The chakras also give us "supernatural" abilities when open and fully empowered, like levitation, telekinesis [moving objects with your mind], and pyrokinesis [the ability to heat objects and set them on fire]. Many more abilities come with having a fully empowered soul.

When all of your chakras are fully open, this creates a free passage for the Serpent of Satan, which lies dormant at the base of the spine. When the serpent ascends, we become as the Gods. This is the objective of power meditation.



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