The Aura

Everything has an aura, whether it is living or inanimate. The aura is an energy field created by the vibrating atoms and molecules that comprise all matter. The universe itself vibrates to a certain frequency and the gravity that holds everything together is electromagnetic in nature.

Everyone’s aura is as unique as his or her own fingerprints. No two auras are alike. The aura can be used to protect, attract, influence, maim, or even kill. This field of bioelectricity surrounding living things can be programmed using the power of one’s mind. Those who are trained and have an active third eye can see auras clearly and discern much personal information just by reading the color, strength, size and shape of one’s aura.

To see your own aura, you should start out by going into a light trance state. You should have already opened your third eye. Hold your hand out in front of you, preferably against a dark background. In the beginning, you should be able to see some faint lines surrounding your hand and fingers. The more you tune into this, like anything else, [practice and persistence are needed here], the better you will become. The better you become at seeing your own aura, you soon will be able to see the auras of others, by just tuning in to them. Later on, you will be able to see colors, layers, and shapes.

Feeling auras is much easier than seeing them. Power meditation, when done consistently, increases one’s sensitivity to energy. Manipulation of energy is essential in working spells and magick. To feel your aura, run one of your hands over the top of the other, or over your forearm. You should feel the energy. You can also practice feeling the auras of friends and family members if they are interested in letting you do so. This will develop your touch sensitivity.

To strengthen and build your aura, you must take in energy. This can be done through power meditation. The Energy Meditation is excellent for charging up your aura. Hatha [physical] Yoga and Tai Chi also help to strengthen and build the aura. Both of these disciplines tend to balance the energies the aura as well.

Cleaning your aura is very important. A clean healthy aura strengthens the immune system and prevents harmful energies from invading one’s body. Nearly all harmful entities are invisible to the naked eye. Energies, as most physicists know, can be broken down into sub-atomic particles, foe example, light can be broken down into photons. The energy radiated by a powerful aura will burn these harmful energies and entities up before they can do any harm.

Cleaning your aura [with powerful white-gold light] is imperative after any rituals involving the employment of black magick, throwing any curses, no matter how small, on the spur of the moment, or any exercise involving the use of negative or destructive energy. One’s chakras should also be cleaned and empowered. This is done by putting a strong and intense white light on each chakra. This is needed to rid one’s self of any residual negative energies that could otherwise do harm. This also prevents rebounding energies. Always take as much time as you need; never be in a hurry. Prevention is always better than having to deal with problems later on.

A powerful aura gives health, happiness, charisma, and energy. People with weak auras are usually in poor health and are depressed. Our personal energies act on our environments and direct our fate. People who have weak auras are usually prone to misfortune.

The aura can be programmed with hypnosis. Read the page on hypnosis to make maximum use of the following workings. Now, with dealing with the aura and subconscious mind, one must always be 100% clear on every aspect of what is desired. With love, we don’t want one who is unavailable. With money, we don’t want it to come to us through tragedy- this sort of thing. When working with the mind and soul, energy takes the quickest and easiest route to bring us the desired result and if every aspect isn’t covered, any undirected energy will seek out whatever is available. Color is especially important when programming the aura. Below are examples of how we can effectively program our auras to do things. Remember to always state your affirmations in the present tense as the subconscious mind and soul do not understand “will”.  Visualize and feel it as it has already happened and is in the present.

For example:
You want love in your life:
Visualize your aura while you are in a trance, the deeper the better. Breathe in energy and affirm several times in the present tense:
“My aura is attracting my perfect [love/sexual partner, soul mate, whatever].” Change the affirmation to suit your own individual needs. Affirm this with meaning, five- ten times while breathing in energy.

To attract the love/lust and or attentions of a specific person:
Affirm: “I am programming my aura to attract and act on _________’s, aura. He/she finds me very attractive and sexually irresistible.”

You want/need protection:
Breathe in powerful white-gold light. With the inhale breathe it in to meet in the middle of your body, packing it in brighter and brighter. With the exhale, keep expanding it. The energy should grow brighter and brighter.
Affirm: “My aura is very powerful and is protecting me at all times.”
This a good exercise to be done on a regular basis, for building a strong, protective energy field.

You want to make a good impression:
A powerful aura will often influence others to grant you favors.
Affirm: “My aura is making a very positive impression on _______.”  If this is a job interview, [“the person/s interviewing me tomorrow”, whatever]. “The people hearing my presentation, the group”, etc. Always state this in the present tense. The subconscious mind does not understand the word “will” and “will” never comes.

For keeping unwanted individuals away:
Breathe in white light like the Sun. White light reflects and repels.
“My aura is repelling, [inspire fear/dread] in _______, and keeping ________ far away from me at all times.”

To heal yourself:
A lot of energy is needed for healing. Breathing in energy from the Sun is excellent for empowering one’s aura. The Sun also contains all of the colors of the chakras in their most pure and vibrant states. The Sun [666] is one of the most powerful sources of energy there is. When one is ill, there is an imbalance in the chakras ruling the body part/s that are injured or ill. To heal, you must work with both the color of the ruling chakra and its opposite to create a balance.

Breathe in the color of the energy of the chakra ruling the injured or ill body part and affirm:
“I am breathing in __[name of color]__ energy that is balancing my __chakra__ and healing my _______.”
When you are finished, breathe in white energy to balance your aura.

The auras of others can also be worked with and programmed.

From reading the above, you should by now be getting the idea and able to improvise your own affirmations.

To protect loved ones:
Put a powerful white-gold light around the person. For more powerful workings, this is best done in a deep trance.
Affirm: “I am placing a powerful protective aura around ______.” This should be done regularly, and can be done while the loved one sleeps. This is best done during a waxing moon [from a new moon to a full moon] as the energies will amplify as the moon keeps increasing in light. To be very strong, perform this working every day, affirming 10 times.

For inciting lust:
Put a powerful red or orange aura around the person.
“_________ is experiencing irresistible sexual obsession, desire/lust for me.” “_________ finds me sexually irresistible.” You can masturbate using sex magick and drive the energy into the desired one’s aura. This is best begun on a Sunday or Tuesday during a waxing Moon. Never do this when the Moon is in the celibate sign of Virgo, though.

For inciting love:
Put a powerful green aura around the person. Feel strong feelings of love as you program it.
“_______ is falling deeply and uncontrollably in love with me.”
“_________ is obsessed with me”, etc. You can also use sex magick here as with the working above. This is best begun on a Friday during a waxing Moon.

Healing others:
Visualize a powerful white-gold aura surrounding and glowing about the loved one. You should also use color energy [see the above paragraph on healing for one’s self]
Affirm: “I am putting powerful healing energy into ______’s aura; this energy is effectively fighting the _______ and restoring him/her to perfect health.” In cases of serious illness, this may have to be done often every day. Healing others can be extremely draining. If you are inexperienced, remote healing is best. Direct contact as with the hand chakras applying energy directly to the afflicted one can be dangerous. The illness can be absorbed into the healer. To do this type of direct work, one must have a powerful aura and work to clean it thoroughly after each healing session. Using the energy of the Sun is most effective here.


This is best done while the offending party is asleep. Put a black aura around the person, as this will prepare his or her own aura to absorb the destructive energy. After doing this, you can vent your hatred. Be sure to visualize over and over again with feeling, exactly how you intend this person to die.
“I am placing a powerful aura of destructive around ______ that is continuously working to kill him/her.” This work is best begun on a Saturday or a Tuesday during a waning Moon. Be sure to clean your aura and chakras following each working.

To cause bad luck and/or harm:
If your own aura is powerful enough, just sitting and stewing about the person should be enough. I have found it is important to visualize repeatedly in a relaxed, but angry way a specific misfortune.

With all workings of black magick the outcome depends on the strength of the auras involved. The aura of the victim *must* be weaker than that of the sorcerer. If the victim’s aura is more powerful, the working could rebound as a more powerful aura naturally deflects negative energy. Some people just have naturally powerful auras. This can come from past lives. If an offending person naturally has a more powerful aura, you will be able to feel resistance. Take the time to build your own aura before doing any kind of this sort of working.

For information about the colors of auras Click Here.



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