Reaching The Godhead: "The Union With The Divine"

"What are humans? Gods but mortal. What are Gods? Humans but immortal!" - Heraclitus

Christianity, Islam and Judaism have corrupted and stolen everything from Ancient Pagan Religions. Words like "God, Angel, Soul", all of these have been corrupted and have lost their meaning. For those who will read this website and our other websites, you will know this is the case beyond any doubt.

The amount of lies in the above programs is overwhelming. One of these lies is in regards to "God", "Union with God", or other related terminology. This was desecrated by people who were promoting enemy lies, causing not only endless confusion, but making most people to detest these matters as superstition or observe them in a negative light. As if this was not enough, these enemy programs preach that human beings who entertain these ideas will burn in eternal hellfire. These are nothing but empty threats and show the enemy for the evil slavers that they are.

Spiritual Satanism and the religions of the old Gods, were exactly about the reverse: doing what is best for the spirit of mankind, helping us to reach spiritual fulfillment and reach our destiny.

The above quote of the philosopher Heraclitus, reflects this very reality. In every human being there is a potential "God", as everyone has been given divine capacities. At the same time, humanity is not only mortal, but with-held from this very knowledge by the enemy. Heraclitus also reveals another thing with this famous quote of his: That many of our Gods are indeed, human beings and alive like we are. But that they are immortal.

The above is nothing else but indeed what the Gods have been relating to all of their disciples. The purpose of Spiritual Satanism is to reach the Godhead.

In Ancient Pagan religions, "God" was a code word for the self and the soul of the individual that has reached the Godhead. This state of consciousness is achieved with the rising of the Kundalini Serpent.

"God" also was used interchangeably with the highest level of consciousness that can be achieved by the human being. In this meaning, equality with "God" does not mean to equate one's self with a bearded man in the sky - but rather to attain access to one's own higher consciousness as a human being.

The Egyptian Lore of the Creation, clearly explains that the Gods have arose out of the "Neter" or what in India is called the Atman or Brahma. From this do spring outwards all living beings. Coded here lies also the fact that all of this happens from nature, as nature gives life to all beings. The Gods are such beings that were later called Neter-u implying they came from the Neter. This is a force that underlies the creation of the universe, and it does not need "worship" or anything of the sort as the enemy deceitfully tries to claim. That is a lie to keep humanity in chains and keep us locked lower on a level where we are spiritually lost.

Being a force, the "Neter" or however one wants to name it, is not named "Jesus" or "Allah" and has nothing to do with these poor human made lies. If anything, these hoaxes were created to misdirect people. Falling on one's knees, worshiping all day, whipping your body with blades like a muslim, or going circles around a black rock, is not going to get you anywhere close to the Godhead. All of these practices are meant to waste human life and psychic energy and they lead exactly on the reverse of the Godhead: straight into deception.

The Gods, having come out of the "Neter", are more important than the Neter or unified field, as they represent it's creations. Likewise, human beings despite of our mortal nature and lack of knowledge, can also rise to these higher levels if we receive the guidance from the Gods and we meditate. What is water to a living being, is what is the Atman or Neter is to the human soul. The water, however important, is not more important than the living being who is made out of it.

In Hinduism, the word for Neter, is term of Neter by the words Brahma or "Atman". This level of understanding is reached when one successfully raises the Kundalini Serpent into the Crown Chakra [The 7th Heaven], an event which will reveal to a person that one too is "God". When the Kundalini Serpent successfully reaches the Crown, the soul can reach an understanding of the level of Atman or reach the Atmic level of consciousness.

"God" is additionally a title for people who have successfully attained this rising towards this level of existence. The "Union with God" is also called Samadhi, from the word Sam and Adi, which means to bring the mind and the soul together in communion. That state of existence is a holy state in which man understands his own spiritual inner essence, reaching self realization.

The erroneous and blasphemous idea that the creator was a spook that punishes people or that demands "worship", is spiritual sacrilege and originated from people who had an agenda to deceive humanity with. There is nothing else to that.

Spiritual Satanism has been created by the Gods to reverse this situation and show to people nothing less but the Truth.

Satan, even in the book of the enemy, is actively engaged in making man "God". Satan is giving humanity with access to two things: The Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge. These represent two things respectively, the Godhead and also everlasting life.

In the book of slander and lies of the Christian Church, namely the Bible, Satan appears as the liberator of mankind, the giver of knowledge and understanding. Even in this childish hoax of "creation" that is stole from Sumeria, the case is that indeed Satan's promise stands for real. As "Eve" and "Adam" eat from the Tree of Knowledge, they do indeed stop being unconscious animals and start understanding "Good and Evil". The alien human hating gathering that poses behind the acronym "YHVH", goes into a state of boiling anger, immediately attacking humanity to avoid human advancement further into this process.

Does that sound like "God" to anybody? Clearly, this isn't "God". Clearly, this has nothing to do with any "God", but solely beings that want the bad for humanity expressing themselves and blocking humanity from spiritual development.

Satan clearly was not only not afraid, but very happy to help humanity and insistent. In other occultist books of the enemy, all the Gods of the Gentiles are blamed for teaching mankind the "ways of the heavens". Exoterically, not only Satan is clearly God and the herald of human perfection, but Satan is the helper and guardian of the soul of mankind.

Since the inception of the Abrahamic hoaxes, ignorance has prevailed over mankind. The capstone of this ignorance has been the change of our human destiny, which was a progressive walk towards the Godhead. Christians are literally fighting the "Devil" over their "Right" to remain enslaved and to return into a level of animal consciousness, which what even in their story is what humanity had before the "Intervention" of Father Satan.

Clearly, while all of the above stories reflect only lies and not historical reality in anyway, this goes on to show the anti-human spite of the powers behind the enemy Bible and their insistence in keeping humanity blind. It also goes to show another thing: That they are terribly scared of humanity achieving a higher level of understanding.

Thoth, who is one of the 7 Sons of Satan, has been a teacher of humanity since we were created. Even through the Middle Ages, at the height of enemy power and corruption, Thoth patiently stood by many people to teach them the ways of the spirit and the soul through spiritual alchemy. All of this goes back to Egypt. Thoth has assumed many identities, from Nabu to Sumer, to Thoth in Egypt, and Hermes in the Greek Pantheon. In all of these, he has blessed humans with extensive knowledge and understanding, showing us the path towards the Godhead.

Many of the writings of Thoth have been so important, that even the enemy decided to keep them but slightly pervert them. In other cases, many things were lost in translations between languages. The originals were from Egypt. These and many other writings now reside in private collections, the Vatican vaults and other places where the True origins of humanity are known. All of this is hidden from the populace.

Father Satan also reveals in the Al Jilwah, a message that has a spiritual code in it: "There is no other God but myself". While Satan here expresses His dominion over the spiritual world, there is also the attestation of how "myself" or all "ourselves". The allusion of this message is that, we too can potentially reach the level of consciousness of the Godhead. This power is untapped and undiscovered, and nobody is really "God" until this is actualized. Yet, this remains a viable level for human spiritual achievement and within human ability. Satan has been the one who the enemy hates for his promise: "I Shall Make Thee As Gods!". Ancient people have lived to attain these levels and reach "Union with the Divine".

Demons, who are spiritual guides to mankind and our Pagan Gods, have always guided humanity in this direction. As we enter Satan's Aeon, many more people will start understanding the above and the enemy religions of serfdom and slavery are going to collapse under the weight of their own lies.

Unfortunately in the mainstream "Satanic" or "Occult" scene, there are a lot of arrogant people who falsely think that they have fully reached the "Godhead" while they in particular only have a few spiritual abilities, if even these. Reaching the Godhead is not some sort of intellectual belief. It is a real level of advanced spiritual achievement that comes with many powers, abilities and a higher level of a mind. One can lie all day in the mirror to themselves that they are "God" but this will achieve nothing.

The above is not written to reflect on these petty delusions, but illustrate the potential capacity of mankind through actual meditation. The Godhead is a very real situation. People and individuals who seriously devote themselves in meditation, will achieve serious considerable and observable spiritual powers. That is a very holy and deified undertaking. In all the works of the Gods, it is spoken clearly and the Gods have reiterated to me personally many times about the importance of respecting this process.

Arrogant people and individuals who scorn this will not understand much of this. The reason here is that the bestowal of this knowledge to lesser people will bring only bad fruit with it. The mistake with the religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity is a result flowing outwards of poor understanding of occult texts, forgeries and evil abrahamic agendas. The fruit of this tree was the creation of universal ignorance and the worst aeon of the Middle Ages that the world has ever known. Spiritual Satanism is the source from where this is to be reversed once and for all, this state of ignorance blotted in non-existence.

The road towards this attainment is not easy, nor this is the easiest path, it requires persistence and diligence. Power and understanding will come overabundant for those who follow this path.

Yet those who undertake this path in a serious and respectful manner to the Gods and Satan Himself, will be rewarded with understanding and restoration of the soul. As it has been written, "We save our own Souls" and that is done with spiritual knowledge, not begging for forgiveness from anyone, let alone the enemy. The healing of the individual soul is a work that falls upon the individual, one's loyalty to meditation and one's character.

The Gods represent the heralds and givers of knowledge in that direction. We as human beings have to apply this knowledge, becoming partakers in this highest level of divinity.

Satan and the Gods lead us to the Godhead through ourselves and their most valued friendship and guidance. We must thank them. The most important way to thank them is to immerse ourselves in their gifts, spiritual and physical.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666


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