The Necronomicon

I am writing this in response to the numerous posts in the Joy of Satan e-groups regarding the authenticity of the Necronomicon.

Far too many people just believe what they are told or whatever they read and take it as a fact. This is what is called "The God Part of the Brain." Being servile and needing direction from others deemed as "authority." I know where much of the crap about the Necronomicon being a work of fiction comes from. This is the same old shit as they claim Satan is an "archetype."

The Necronomicon is NOT a work of fiction, nor was it "invented by Howard Phillips Lovecraft." Now, for starters, HP Lovecraft was born August 20th, 1890 and died the 15th of March 1937.

Ok, now for those self-appointed authorities, if he was born in 1890, just how in the hell did he invent the 1586 Necronomicon? That's right, 1586, FOR ONE. That's just one. There are others copies that even precede this copy. The 1586 copy was authored by Dr. John Dee, you know, the man who brought us the Enochian calls. If anyone would take the time to read the "Preface" in this book, authored by Dr. Joseph Talbet, Ph.D., D. Litt, Harvard University, the TRUE history of this powerful GRIMOIRE is revealed:

Here are some excerpts from the 1586 copy of the Necronomicon:

"The Necronomicon is primarily known to the general public due to the writings of Howard Phillips Lovecraft. The word "necronomicon" is the title of a Greek translation made around 950 A.D. by Theodoras Philetas from an original Arabic manuscript. A Latin version of the Greek translation was made by Olaus Wormius in 1228 A.D. The original Arabic title of the work was "Kitab al Azif" which can be roughly translated as "The Book of the Howlings of the Desert Jinn (or demons). The name, "necronomicon", which the Latin version retains means something like things pertaining to the customs, practices, or laws of the dead. Nekros being Latin for "dead" and nomos meaning the customs, practice, or law."
"The original writer was supposed to have been an Arab named Abdul al Azrad who supposedly died around 738 A.D. in Damascus. Death was due to being torn apart in the street by unseen entities. The name is probably mistranslation since no self-respecting Arab would have such a name. The true name was probably Abd Al Azrad. In Arabic the name is more of a title meaning the "slave of the devourer" or "worshipper of the great devourer", supposedly alluding to the Great Old Ones."

"The John Dee translation of the Necronomicon reprinted in this work comes from the collection of the Widener Library at Harvard University. The book was part of the personal library of Harry Elkins Widener, American millionaire and founder of the Widener Library. Mr. Widener obtained this text in 1912 shortly before he boarded the Titanic. The binding of the book is original, but badly cracked and split. The text is complete, but many pages are separated and others are crumbling. Restoration efforts are presently underway, and the book has been digitally preserved as part of this effort."


"Al Azif In Arabic, written by Abd al-Hazrad c. 730 A.D. Original for is unknown but numerous manuscript versions were long circulated among various medieval scholars. As early as the 12th century this version was referred to as lost."

"Necronomicon - In Greek translated by Theodoras Philetas c. 950 A.D. Existence of early hand written copies is unknown. Mass printing of copies in Italy in the summer of 1501 in a folio-sized edition led to a surge of religious suppression by the church. The book was banned by the church and included in the Index Epurgatorius by Pope Gregory IX. The last known copy of this version was known to have been burned in Salem in 1692."

"Voynich Manuscript In Latin and Greek using Arabic script. Translator unknown, c. 1020. An unknown number of this manuscript were produced probably in Romania. Only three copies are known to have existed."

"Necronomicon- In Latin by Olaus Wormius, c. 1228 A.D. First circulated in manuscript form, then printed in Mainz Germany around the end of the 15th century as a black letter folio."

"Necronomicon In English, translated by John Dee c. 1586. An accurate but expurgated version of the Greek edition. Printed only in small numbers by private publishers, manuscript copies also are known to have existed. It is from this edition that this reprint comes from."

"Necronomicon In Latin c. 1630 A poor quality reprint of the 1228 Latin version. Published by an unknown publisher in Spain."

"Al Azif Ye Booke Of Ye Arabe In English, translator unknown, c. 1590 An incomplete and muddled text. Circulated in manuscript form, there were probably fewer than ten of these manuscripts ever written."

"Cultus Maleficarum In English, translated by Baron Fredric, c. 1597. A partial translation of the Latin text. Published in Sussex England."

"Necronomicon" means the "Book of Dead Names." With the intrusion and dominance of Christianity, the names of the Original Pagan Gods were dead. In other words, few people used them. Even for those who are marginally literate in regards to the occult, it is glaringly obvious that this text is not a work of fiction.
In addition, there have been tragic consequences for a few who experimented with this book the wrong way. The "Gods" are real beings, but as with other ancient texts on the occult, there is another side to the writings- that of allegories. Those who take the writings in a literal way often do not get the results they expected or desired. With everything of so-called religion, there is a true and there is a false aspect; the real and the artificial. This can be blatantly seen in Satanism vs. Christianity. Everything in Christianity is false and artificial.

The true purpose of the Necronomicon text is to serve as a grimoire for opening the soul. "Leviathan," "Cthulhu," are names for the serpent kundalini "who lies sleeping and dreaming." "Narayana" probably one of the most ancient names for Cthulhu is also seen in the East Indian Hindu "Mahbhrata" which is thousands of years old.

The Necronomicon is a very powerful grimoire. So much knowledge has been systematically destroyed and confiscated, but Satan and his Demons have preserved nearly everything to this day. To the uninitiated, writings are taken as literal. The closer you get to Satan and the more you know of Satanic symbols and True Satanism, you will see things for what they really are: allegories that reveal ancient and powerful knowledge.

The Necronomicon translates into the "Book of Dead names." Those who are without take this as necromancy. Those who know, understand the book is not about necromancy, but working with names that have not been used for thousands of years; thus- "dead." These "names" are words of power, when correctly vibrated.

Many grimoires use code words. The only way to understand is either from divine guidance given from Satan and his Demons or from a disciple who has already received this. Most of the 1586 Necronomicon has to do with opening the chakras and raising the kundalini. The "Mad Arab" raised his kundalini, which opened his mind and soul and made him "mad." In other words, too much psychic input too soon for some, can be a problem in maintaining sanity. The "burning" of the seals and such in the Necronomicon represents the burning of the seals of the chakras and thus the cleansing of the chakras through kundalini. The madness and experiences of Abd al-Hazrad are resulting from his opened chakras and the kundalini.

The symbols in the 1586 Necronomicon are real alchemical symbols, no different from the Sigils of the Goetic Demons. Properly used, they have power.

The same is with the Tarot. Those who are without (many are those holier than thou new agers) are forever excavating and digging around Ancient Egyptian tombs and beneath the sphinx searching for scrolls that were reportedly hidden by Thoth. Those of us who are close to Satan know that Thoth's writings and message is before us here and now, and is contained in the Tarot for one. Those who are without cannot see into the deeper meanings, as this can only come through Satan.

Historians quibble over Akhenaton's supposed disease, which caused his serpentine features. None can see the alchemical message of the male/female hermaphrodite, which symbolizes the union of the male and female chakras, leading to the Magnum Opus. Those who are without take things as literal. They also miss the meaning of the serpent entirely.

The Elders and the Ancients are an allegory. "God/s" = the code word for chakra/s.

This is all advanced. Once you know the code words, you will be able to see the meanings. It is a different way of reading.

Getting back to the Necronomicon, the Simon copy has been altered and so have the symbols. This does not mean the book is fiction; it has just been altered and corrupted.

To wrap this up, at this point, nearly all of the "occult" has its foundation in spiritual alchemy. Each and every one of the tales of the Gods is an allegory. Those who are advanced in knowledge know this. Spiritual knowledge was hidden over the centuries due to attacks such as the huge blemish of Christianity upon the world that rots spirituality to this day.

Unbeknownst to many Satanists, the roots and foundations of Satanism have been preserved in the Far East. Many of these later came to Egypt, such as the mantra "Ohm" which is correctly vibrated "AUM" that evolved into "Amon" and was then stolen and perverted into "Amen." "Left Hand Path" originated with Tantra, the meaning being the way of doing in contrast to the "Right hand Path" of abstaining.


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