Black Magick and Mental Health

Most of us are familiar with psychiatry, counseling, psychology, and other mental health services. The methods used are standard. Most professionals prod the patient into expressing repressed feelings- anger, hatred, envy, resentment and other related emotions, including repressed sexuality and sexual feelings. Acknowledging these repressed emotions sheds new light on the origins of serious hang-ups, neuroses, compulsions/obsessions and other serious mental health disorders. Many physical ailments are brought about by repressed emotions. Some of these end in death. These have a very detrimental effect upon one’s soul and spiritual being as well.

The New Age movement, Wicca, many Eastern religions [such as modern Buddhism, which have been Judeo/Christianized], and others all advocate denial of expressing so-called "baser" emotions. This leads to poor mental health and worse. Catholic priests are a blatant example of the consequences of sexual repression. Sexual repression is about the worst, as the sex drive is as powerful as and is tied directly to the life force; it doesn’t just go away. Anything that is repressed comes out in warped, distorted, and unhealthy ways. Many problems would be avoided if people would vent their feelings and stop repressing them. This isn’t about going on a rampage; it is just acknowledging one’s own feelings and letting them out. One should always be honest with one’s self.

By denying anger, hatred, jealousy, and other so-called "negative" emotions, one is laying a pattern for serious problems down the road. People who claim to love, love, and love, and deny their anger and hatred, take on that artificial alien deadpan smile that is so common amongst Christians in the advanced stages of Christianity. Inside, these people are extremely unbalanced and are literally like grenades with the pins pulled, just waiting to explode, either turning their pent up anger out on others or in upon themselves. This is extremely unhealthy. Yet, they consistently excuse the hatred and wrathful behavior of the false “God” they worship. This sets the stage for serious mental illness.

Another common teaching is denial of materialism. The reason for this is so wealth and power can be kept in the hands of a few- the same people at the top who work to remove spiritual knowledge and replace it with Christianity, Islam, and other lies. Material possessions make life more enjoyable and are an extension of ourselves. There should be a healthy balance between spiritualism and materialism. The merging of the material with the spiritual is the key to attaining the godhead of the soul.

No one has a right to dictate to others how they should feel about someone or something. Ritual is often an excellent means of venting emotions. Anything that is consciously and intentionally repressed will cause serious problems later on.





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