Spiritual Warfare Message from Satan

There is a positive and negative side to all things to keep them in balance --
to keep the Universe going. There are awful and terrible things that must happen, destructive deathly things, and there are good and miraculous things that must happen full of life and creative construction. It seems this would come to each randomly and it seems thus it should continue this way for eternity. This is not true. And this is the essence of Who I Am.

The world is to evolve out of this. There is always another way to do a thing. That way is far away. But it is still a possible way. Destruction and terror will not always be the other way. But until the time comes when destruction and terror are removed the world you must work how the world works. Until that time, that will come in time, this is Me -- a Perfect Balance. This is necessary. Destruction and creation.

Since the time is not yet, and you are in the time that is not yet, destruction and creation are in your hands as they are Mine. Do not be afraid to do these things. Until the time comes where these things have found more peaceable means you must keep the earth in balance. Do not be afraid to destroy. Do not be afraid to create. LISTEN to Me. Create with all of your being. Destroy with all of your being. You will not be more created by creating any more than you will be destroyed by destroying. Are you more created now? Are you here or are you destroyed? You are here. You will be here as long as I am here and that is forever. Listen to what I tell you. If I tell you to create -- do it. And do it with perfection and pleasure. And if I tell you to destroy, do it. Do not hesitate. Destroy with all of your might and pleasure; yes, I tell you to delight in what you have destroyed.

Dictated, from Him personally- 4/28/05


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© Copyright 2005, Joy of Satan Ministries;
Library of Congress Number: 12-16457