Curses of the Gods

Much has been publicized concerning the 1922 Tutankhamen discovery and the numerous and mysterious deaths that were more than mere coincidences. Atheistic scholars are at a loss to come to any realistic explanation, as they are concerning the construction and design of the Egyptian Pyramids.

When the tomb of Tutankhamen was opened in February of 1923, a clay tablet was discovered, written in hieroglyphics warning of the curse of a violent and untimely death, should one disturb the tomb. The archeologists ignored this warning and concealed it from the native Egyptian laborers. Strange and inexplicable occurrences soon followed.

Howard Carter, the leader of the expedition, had along his pet canary. A cobra swallowed the bird the day the tomb was opened. Lord Carnarvon, a wealthy English Earl and financier of the expedition, soon fell ill with a high fever and a mysterious "mosquito bite" on his cheek. Forty-seven days after the opening of the tomb, at 57 years of age, on the date of April 5, Carnarvon died.

Two days later, on April 7 [again, the number 7], the mummy was examined. A blemish was found on the mummy's left cheek [the same side and spot as Carnarvon's mosquito bite]. At the time of Carnarvon's death, all of the lights mysteriously went out in Cairo, all in unison. At the same time, thousands of miles away in England, Carnarvon's pet dog stood up on its hind legs, howled, fell over, and died. The staff was disturbed and said the howling was strange and deathlike.

The famous American financier, Jay Gould, also visited the tomb. He awoke the next morning with a high fever, and was dead by nightfall. American archeologist Arthur Mace, who assisted in opening the tomb and pulled out the last stone blocking the entrance to the main chamber, soon began to feel weak and exhausted. He fell into a coma and never recovered. Arthur Mace died at the same hotel as Lord Carnarvon.

Richard Bethell, Howard Carter's secretary on the expedition, was found dead, four months after the discovery of the tomb from heart failure. His father, Lord Westbury, distraught over the death of his son, leapt to his death from a seven-story window. He was over heard by several people before he took his life, saying to himself, "the curse of the pharaohs" "I cannot stand the horror any longer." The hearse carrying Westbury's body to the cemetery ran over a small boy, killing him instantly.

Radiologist, Archibald Reid, thought to be the first person to cut the bindings on the mummy, [unraveling was necessary to x-ray the body], soon experienced the same exhaustion and fatigue and soon died. There were many more strange coincidences and related deaths.

Howard Carter, a staunch atheist and skeptic lived for close to seventeen years following the discovery and opening of the tomb. It is said that Carter was plagued by extreme depression and paranoia.

The Goetic/Gothic Demons; many are well-known and popular Egyptian Gods. Many humans from Ancient Egypt, specially the Priesthood and the Pharaohs had immense spiritual knowledge and powers and did not approve of their tombs being dug up and exploited for money and fame in the hands of a "chosen" few. Many of the relics and ancient artifacts removed from the tombs were hoarded, placed in private collections, and continue to bring their greedy owners misfortune.

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