The reason for the inverted crosses, pentagrams, and reversed symbols in Satanism is to convey a very important message: THINGS ARE BACKWARDS!

The Christian "God" had nothing to do with our creation. The Christian 'God' is nothing more than a race of alien entities who hate humans and only wish to use our energies, and enslave us. Satan is our True Father and Creator; THE TRUE GOD IS THE LIBERATOR OF HUMANITY, THE ONE WHO FREES US. The "God" that the Christians, Jews and Muslims worship is the enslaver; the REAL 'Prince of Lies.' In truth, what Christians believe to be 'God' and the 'Devil' are backwards. SATAN is the TRUE Father and Creator of humanity.

The Jews have stolen and corrupted all of the Original Pagan Symbols and reversed them. This is a serious desecration and blasphemy. Original Pagan Holidays such as the Yule Season, Easter and all of the other assumed Christian Holidays were hijacked and replaced with a focus upon and worship of fictitious Jewish characters, places, and themes to spiritually enslave and destroy Gentiles.

The Judeo/Christian religion and its cohorts are all programs; there is nothing at all spiritual about them. These programs if one has the insight and does enough research are pure evil. The Catholic Church was the KGB of the Middle Ages. When the Jews were forcibly expelled from Western Europe, the Renaissance emerged. Progress was made in the sciences, in medicine and in some liberation from the total control of the slave state enforced by the Christian Churches. Books were printed and published for the populace. As humanity progressed and the Christian Churches had less control, another Jewish program emerged on the scene: communism. In truth, communism is no different from Christianity. Christianity is a preparation for Jewish communism, with its foundation being in the Judeo/Christian Bible, in both the New and Old Testaments. Note that after the fall of communism in Europe, one of the very first things the new regime accomplishes is translating the Bible into the local languages. Christian proselytizers are right back, like fleas on a dog [they are unknowingly programmed to be compulsive regarding spreading and imbedding this virus for their Jewish masters; the more they tie into this energy, the more compulsive and fanatical they become]. Most of the help offered in such places as Albania where Jewish communism committed hideous atrocities, tortures and mass murders against the populace, comes with a huge price-tag: one's soul. Along with most of the foreign aid- food, clothing and medical help, the Christian plague is imbedded and the extremely vulnerable populace is endlessly harassed to accept this lethal virus. The Bible [which is nothing more than a powerful subliminal that puts power and control in the hands of the Jews] ensures that the nation that managed to overthrow communism is again under Jewish spiritual control.

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