Shaitan – The Head God of the Yezidi People

Among the most revealing examples of a culture that has resisted assimilation from the Abrahamic sects, is the religion of Yezidism.

The Yezidis, a tribe that was called “The Whites of the Middle East”, is a religious sect that has “deviated” from the traditional Islamic narrative of the Region but predates them also.

In accordance to their doctrines, they mention that “Shaitan” is actually the bringer of Truth, Illumination and the King of the Heavenly universe. They see no evil in His figure, only goodness, and they consider Him the highest hierarchy that is on par with “God”.

The Name Shaitan or Satan, is so sacred to the Yezidis, that they believe that the moment one utters that Name, one is in direct communication with God. Therefore, they mostly call Satan by the title Melek Taus, meaning “Highest Messenger”.

They are correct about that statement. These beliefs have made them become a target for genocide by Islamic terrorists, who seek to exterminate their beliefs under the pretext that they are “Satanic”, a true statement in fact, but only an excuse to cause unnecessary violence.

From the self definition of the Yezidis, their official website:

“Tawûsê Melek is often identified by Muslims and Christians with Shaitan ( Satan). Yezidis, however, believe Tawûsê Melek is not a source of evil or wickedness. They consider him to be the leader of the archangels, not a fallen angel.They are forbidden from speaking the name Shaitan. In doing so one creates an equal partner to God. God is the creator and the biggest force and it is wrong to say that there is an evil force and it is equal to God.
Yazidis believe that good and evil both exist in the mind and spirit of human beings. It depends on the humans, themselves, as to which they choose. In this process, their devotion to Tawûsê Melek is essential, since it was he who was given the same choice between good and evil by God, and chose the good.”

The Holy Book of Yezidism, the Al Jilwah, namely, the “Black Book of Shaitan”, is an officially accepted Holy Book in Spiritual Satanism, and we know truly that it was dictated by Him personally to enlightened people of the Yezidis [Link To Al Jilwah].

The outlooks of the Yezidis are very interesting to study, in that they show the corruptions and interpolations that are false from the Jewish, Islamic and Christian accounts. Still influenced by them, the Yezidis however have the decency and honesty to believe in Satan even in the face of potential genocide.

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