Christian Psychic Attack

When Christians pray either alone [those with a strong mind] or in groups, they can cause those they are trying to coerce into Christianity to have nightmares, doubts or to feel confused. This is nothing more than plain psychic attack and it will eventually go away. Those of us who are strong in Satan are immune to it, although we can still pick it up, as most of us are psychic.

Remember, Christians always use fear tactics in some way. Their negativity shows. They have thought energy like everyone else. Some of those fools will single a non-Christian out and hit him/her hard by having an entire congregation pray for him/her for a whole month- so much for their lies and hypocrisy concerning 'free will.'

I received a personal e-mail from someone who wrote that they were troubled by bad dreams and Christian thoughts. I picked up on this also; this is why I am writing. Azazel told me a Christian mass was said against this e-group.* Obviously we are really a threat. This always gives me more motivation.

Remember, many of us become victims of Christian prayer. If you are ever feeling confused or distraught, just know where it is coming from. You can also pray to Father Satan. Christians know they cannot openly post to any of the Joy of Satan e-groups or forums, but as they do with many other Satanic e-groups, they spy on us. We will win in the end, and Father Satan will punish them. Christians damn themselves.

I am psychic and I can always sense Christians. In time, when one becomes really strong in Satan and knowledgeable, the attacks will no longer have any effect. Knowledge defeats Christian lies. Knowledge is what you see for yourself every day- it requires no explanation or interpretation, it can stand alone. The same thing with the planets revolving around the Sun; the earth is round- once you know this, no amount of lies or psychic attack will convince you the universe revolves around a flat earth. You know the truth. Also, you can ask your Demon for help to punish those deluded idiots.
-High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

*Many of these sermons were first posted to the Joy of Satan e-group.

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