Many people who are new to Satanism are concerned about whether they belong or whether Satan will accept them. I have found many of us have been with him before, in previous lives.

He has placed many of his people here at this time because the earth is reaching the end of the Age of Pisces.* Major transforming changes will take place.

I look back through my life, even my early pre-school years and I can now clearly see I was always of Satan. I was born with a mark, an unusual birthmark. I was drawn to the occult at an early age.

A strong interest in the occult and in Satanism can indicate one has already set foot on the left hand path in previous lifetimes. We were somehow different and never really fit in.

Other religions do not work for children of Satan. The energies clash and when a child of Satan is in an enemy environment, such as being forced to attend a Christian school, much unhappiness will often be the result.

Contact with Demons also extends into past lives. They will usually make contact again with us again in this life. Some of us have been with Satan through many, many lifetimes.

*I wrote this article several years ago. Since then, Satan has reincarnated every soul that was in Hell here on earth to do battle. All of these souls are of Satan and will fight for him in the coming years against the enemy.

Satan accepts most of the people who come to him. He does not accept those who are dishonest with him, think they can try to use him or come to him for alternative purposes.
Satan is very strong on honesty in that anyone who goes to him must be honest with him. People who think they can lie to him, show him and his Demons disrespect or use him in some way are in for a rude awakening.

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