The Void of Course Moon

Timing is everything. Certain actions taken at the wrong time can result in either failure or success. Knowing this can be crucial in determining the outcome. Knowledge is power and is the key to everything. The universe is working either for you, or against you.

A void of course Moon occurs every couple of days or so, when the Moon finishes making its last aspect to any other planets before it enters the next sign. Normally, this lasts only for a few hours, unless all of the other planets are in early degrees. In this case, it can last an entire day.

The important thing to know is if you begin a project on a void Moon, it more than likely won't work out. Projects begun, papers signed, items purchased, spells Cast and nearly everything begun at this time has more than a tendency to go wrong. Projects begun during a void of course moon somehow never get finished or are prevented from reaching completion. Crimes committed during this time are rarely brought to justice.

Applying for a job or going for an interview during a void moon and you more than Likely won't get hired. Plans made during this time are often altered later on. Clothing bought may not fit properly or is never worn.

Taking out a loan during this time though; chances are, you may never have to pay it back. This is the time the universe is full of loopholes. The rule of thumb is what is begun during this time is rarely completed. In many cases, this is a time to get away with things.

This is NOT a time to perform spells, as they will more than likely fail.
For information as to when the Moon is void, many yearly books are available. Llewellyn's Moon Sign book comes out annually and has this information. This book can be purchased in many places and also through Ephemerides also contain this information for those of us who know how to read them.


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