Using Thoughtforms

There are times when we want to influence many people at the same time. This can be done with a thoughtform that is programmed and is then placed in a certain room or area. We all know how places become haunted or have certain vibrations. This usually happens because of an event the provoked intense emotions and left traces of these emotions behind by living people.

When we are powerful enough, through intense concentration and focus, we can project energy into our hands and mold it into a ball [we should be able to feel this if it is strong enough for a working] or project energy into a ball using our chakras. The energy ball can be placed in an area where it will remain undisturbed, to be worked on later by projecting more energy into it to make it more powerful. When we project the energy, it should be of the color of the influence we wish to manifest; for example, golden-yellow for friendship, pink for romantic love, red for hatred and discord, and accidents. Gold and green are used for the attraction of money and material wealth.

While projecting the energy and color, we need to program the thoughtform with focus and intensity. When the thoughtform is finished, we command it to go to the area where we want it to influence by visualizing it there. We can put more than one in large areas, such as an auditorium, workplace, school, etc. After a while, they will need to be replaced, as they will dissipate as they influence people. One well made though form can influence as many as 100 or more people at a time.

Creating a Thoughtform



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