The Truth About Satan

One of the most important things we can do as Satanists, is to establish a strong relationship with Satan. Many people look to books, writings, and other information, instead of going directly to Satan himself. Reading books can open a door, but this also instills in one's mind many assumptions, that when meeting him and getting to know him, we find are false and confusion ensues.

There has been so much Misinformation, slander and lies written about Father Satan. Nearly all, if not entirely, this has been invented and spread by his enemies, people who don't know him, people out to make a fast buck and people indoctrinated with Christian or other related lies.

These lies have shaped much of the mass mind concerning Satan. I receive many e-mails from people who have been misinformed and expect Satan to be a certain way. Take the Satanic Bible and the advocating of greed. I can tell you from experience, Satan is not greedy. We can easily see how greedy the Christian Churches are. Nearly everything of what the false enemy god is and does, is blamed on Satan as a distraction.

True Satanism is not a trip through Disneyland. True Satanism is about personal advancement along with becoming and evolving into a god, which brings spiritual liberation. Satan helps us in our lives with whatever we need, but in contrast to the many stories, he does not bestow extreme riches, fame and fulfill every wish in exchange for one's soul.

When we give our souls to Satan, he assists us with bestowing upon us much knowledge, direction, wisdom and personal power that will enable us to evolve and advance into godhead. When we die, we will no longer be just a spirit, we will emerge much more powerful and if we reincarnate, we will be born into a higher existence, a better life. In advancing to become a god, one's life will change for the better. One will no longer have to tolerate injustice as one will have serious power and understanding, way beyond that of the average person, with the ability to heal one's self and affect one's environment, influence and even control others.

One advances by living life to the fullest, pushing one's self past physical, psychological, mental and spiritual limitations and overcoming boundaries. Inactivity and abstinence lead to degeneration. The human body is a perfect example in that muscles that are not used, atrophy. A mind that is unused becomes dull and stupid. The same can be said for the human soul.

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