Tips for Teens; Maintaining Your Privacy
By Salem Burke

Tips to Conceal:

1. Don't keep all of your prized books, tools, and candles in one place. (In the event that these are found, they will not all be thrown away at once as happened to me years ago. Not to mention the "Bar-BQ" my parents had with the books another time.)

2. Try to "slowly" temper candles as decorations in various areas so they will not be considered of any nature other than novelty. (But keep them as your own so nobody else can light them.)

3. Develop a "thing for incense." Begin to light incense on occasion -- as you read or do your "thing" -- in your room. My "friends" range from my age or older "thirties crowd" to high school -- I just helped "Shorty"'s girlfriend with her homework. This is simply because I am extremely odd -- but that is not the point. The point is -- all of the youngsters seem to be using incense. At first it had been only the "stoners" but it caught on to everyone eventually. If it becomes a routine (use cheap sticks or something for this) then it is one less conspicuous.

4. Begin "writing a short play/script" which will be a new interest for you, so you would say (writing plays as a hobby and/or acting and directing). This will not only cover your reasons for having bizarre "props" and "fx" (special effects) paraphernalia -- but also be a secret "Book of Shadows" to which you may journal your magical training but "cover" as a script until you are more independent.

DEFINITELY come up with a story. Maybe the "play" (if you opt for this one) is not in your possession and you and your friend are simply rehearsing. In the worst case scenario -- you are trying to re-construct the story which your hard drive erased. If you have a cam-corder -- the scene is always "all screwed up." You may actually begin to like the idea, and film several little "home movies" which would likely result in support. Then it would be hard for them to know certainly what is real, and what is imaginary. Just "stay in between" once (if) your "image" is established. This is ONE of many ideas.

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