Thinking for Yourself

Here is an excerpt from the book "Hoaxes" 1940:

"A coin about the size of a fifty cent piece was passed around a class of 48 boys from 14-17 years of age with instructions to examine it carefully. At the end of the class period, the instructor asked each boy to draw a picture of the coin, indicating the position of the hole in it. Although there was no hole, all but four of the forty-eight indicated one, some even drawing two holes. Of the four, only one, the bad boy of the class unaccustomed to obeying orders, was positive that there was no hole."

Those who are disobedient and do not conform are always labeled as "bad" "a problem" "evil" and so forth. People are indoctrinated not to think for themselves. People who cannot think for themselves are often sent to their deaths or worse in obedience.

Satan and his Demons have been trying to get through to humanity for centuries. Is that everything is backwards. We save our own souls by thinking for ourselves. Everything *is* backwards spiritually, as nearly all of the original spiritual teachings have been corrupted. Christianity, Islam, the Holy Bible and related are constantly being touted as 'good' 'the word of God' 'the truth' and so forth. All of these are lies. Christianity and its cohorts are pure evil. Christianity is Jewish invention for Gentiles, as is Islam. There is nothing spiritual about it, as all of the original Pagan spiritual doctrines and concepts, along with Pagan holidays, such as the Yule were forcibly hijacked and replaced with fictitious Jewish characters, and other Jewish themes for Gentiles to slavishly worship, creating a very powerful subliminal link. The 'Holy Bible' is nothing more than a powerful subliminal, that is why it is full of numbered verses. For more about this, please see

The Holy Bible: A Book of Jewish Witchcraft

The enemy forcibly promotes nothing but lies. In order to be scammed, one is discouraged from questioning or thinking for one's self. Conformity is of strict importance in enslaving and damning the herd. These people are fools. They are so blinded to the lies of their own "God." They have a wall up in their minds.

Some people wake up through personal tragedy and many turn to atheism. The Christians rant and rave 'slavery', 'low self-esteem', 'death', 'suicide', 'confusion', the 'Prince of deception and lies"... What they cannot see is that is their own "God." Their own 'God' is the master deceiver. Everything is backwards.

The Satanic Symbols are more than just representing the elements, their message is very important for the few who will listen. Always think for yourself.

Everything that the Christians accuse the "Devil" of, is really of their own God.
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