Spiritual Satanism: The Definition
High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
11 June, 2017

Those who come to Satanism and expect to find terror fables, lies, spooks, ghouls and kosher culture, will be disappointed.

Satan has given His representation in our hands and away from the hands of the enemy, who intently misrepresented both Him and what “Satanism” is.

The enemy did nothing else for two thousand years but blame all perils on him, make him seem like an evil minion, while hiding and perverting all evidence to the contrary reality.

Joy of Satan is unearthing this evidence. We bring the Truth to the world.

Satan for once had the opportunity to speak for Himself, more or less, and make his thesis known. He blessed the Joy of Satan for this very particular reason and objective. As thus, we did our research and presented it to the world, something which seemed to attract, and keeps attracting all the more every day, giant interest.

Satan has spoken to Humanity through all ages, in different forms. Even from the position the enemy put him, he still channeled his messages of freedom, rebellion towards rotten order, scientific study, occult, spirituality, artistry, love for existence, life and nature, and every other beauty to us.

Even in the literary work of his enemies, Father Satan still emerges there as the most enigmatic, interesting and important character.

He and the Pagan Gods were 'banished' but their influence never really ceased: Even their enemies masked this, attempted with failure to remove this, and attempted to color it with their own colors, but could never get rid of it.

Satan always was on top of them: The memory of Satan is everywhere, and in everything. They just hid this fact from the masses, and invented new Abrahamic idols in a vain attempt to replace the Eternal Gods.

For without them, there is nothing beautiful, and important for humanity. Satan can never be banished or destroyed; Satan can only be defamed, and as the enemy hoped -hidden- and in that, his enemies have done all they could.

Now, Spiritual Satanism is just *THE* Primordial form of Spirituality, the primordial root of all that we today call “Paganism”.

We have used this name because this has two essences: Spiritual, which means the need for spiritual advancement and working on the Soul, and Satanism, which means, from the Sanskrit Word "Satya", Truth-ism in an English Abbreviation.

It reflects our conviction in Spirituality, and the belief in Our God, whose name means TRUTH.

Those who seek jewish occultism that is blasphemous to the Pagan Gods, jewish mental insanity, and jewish para-psychological retardation, fake 'spiritual' nonsense, will be highly disappointed in what "Satanism" means anymore.

The false answers about Satan and Satanism can and will be found in all places of defamation: in a Synagogue, a church, or a mosque.

In short, it's a misfortune they still carry around Satan's Divine Name and savagely defame it: which is what the Abrahamic programs have done for thousands of years.

We do not believe in "Satanism" before the Joy of Satan, since all these sects have been colored by Abrahamic conceptions. We believe only in Eternal Satanism and it’s present day restored form, which is the Joy of Satan.

This is simple as to why: Except of few respectful servants and people of Satan, many others just did their best to defame, misrepresent, and create Satan into a racketeering business, no different than how Abrahamic religions and Jews have done for thousands of years.

Spiritual Satanism revolves around 10 main points. These are not written laws, but rather, something to sum up what Satanism is.

  1. Satanism is about freedom, positivity, creation and empowerment.
  2. Satanism is about studying, wisdom and self-knowledge and understanding.
  3. Spiritual Satanism is about elevating one's self spiritually and becoming spiritually advanced.
  4. Satanism is not about slavish worship, but people are allowed to worship as they please in accordance to their nature (except of disrespecting the Gods).
  5. Satanism recognizes all the Pagan Gods as real, flesh and blood entities, that are our spiritual and physical forefathers.
  6. Satanism is about respecting, knowing and understanding nature and learning/mastering the universe. We follow Nature's laws, while we also try to learn and master them.
  7. Satanism is about life and anything that promotes life, and quality life, and is against degeneration and death, and misery.
  8. Satanism is elitism, and people have to seek to make themselves better and more elite/advanced versions of themselves. This creates a better world.
  9. Satanism is the striving of Truth and NOT falsehood, at all costs: This is why Satan is our Head God, for this quality his Name represents. There is no simple 'evil' in Satanism, but FALSEHOOD, which only then becomes 'evil'.
  10. Satanism is the form we have today for representing all the above ETERNAL CONCEPTS. Spiritual Satanism is an ETERNAL understanding. We understand ourselves as partakers in an ETERNAL, infinite existence.

It's really simple: Spiritual Satanism is ABOUT LIFE, and IMPROVEMENT- it's a system that works Light and Darkness not as 'enemies' and ethical evils, but actually parts of the same creation.

External opinions based on slander that have been generated by systems that have bloodshed all of humanity, such as the Abrahamic religions, do not concern us. We consider them blatant misinformation.

We have to only partially concern ourselves with them, for no other reason than DEFENDING ourselves, and wiping out their lies pinned on Satan's back, which are unjustified, pure vehement, and perilous.

All Spiritual Satanists are obligated to find about their roots as people, races, and cultural roots, and understand the eternal concept we coin together under the term "Spiritual Satanism", which is a clearer emanation of the what has been called the Sanatana Dharma.

That concept has been watered down severely by the enemy, but the name of it persists as a very valid form, relating closely to the important name of Satan, with Sanatana being an anagram of the word.

We as people have to come together in a worldwide congregation, honoring their past, and our aim is to rebuild the Golden Age of Humanity, where only Truth and Bliss will dwell into the world.

This starts from the person, extends to the smaller circle, and then grows until the whole world is engulfed.

Spiritual Satanism is about upholding all the eternal laws of nature, including making positive decisions for one's self, increasing one's spiritual life, becoming better and more advanced, being free and in accordance to one's own nature, and lastly, not engaging in behaviors that ruin this process or the world at large.

Spiritual Satanism is a mastery key system and the only real and Ancient religion of Humanity, which in essence was the same in All Pagans, since forever.

We have proven this, and we keep adding further proof into this unending chain, all the time, both us Clergy and our members.

It's an inheritance that can be practiced by all people with permanent and great results, except of the Jewish people or those who are in perpetual denial of the facts.

Why we use the name Satan? Because it means TRUTH, and because our enemies hate the Truth, they vilified this term in their tongue. They stand opposed to this Divine Name.

Spiritual Satanism is defined by the soul’s longing so that humanity can achieve the Godhead, the realization of the Truth, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. When we apply this longing, we adopt Spiritual Satanism.


© Copyright 2007, Joy of Satan Ministries;
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