All Around Tips for Teens, From Parents to Meditations
Juan Liria

Hi everyone. I've noticed that there are a lot of members asking for advice about how to deal with parents and where they can do rituals and what meditations to do, so I thought I might help.

For those of us not lucky enough to have parents that understand, or who have nosy parents, the best thing to do is to not have an altar or tools, physically anyway. If you want to do the dedication ritual, buy a black candle and write out the prayer, cut yourself with any needle (as long as it's clean) and after you're done, let the candle burn out. Evidence gone. If you don't have a black candle, use blue, or red or something. I don't think Father will mind. If you can't have an altar, set some time apart for meditation and construct an astral temple. This is a lot better because you can make it as big as you want and the way you want, and you'll always have a special place to talk to Father right in your head, no one can take it away. If you can't buy tools, use what you can find, or perform all your rituals in a deep meditative state in your astral temple, here you can make your own simple or elaborate tools in your mind. This solves the parent problem and helps you get better at visualization.

What about meditations? What meditation should you do? The answer is, every meditation you can get your hands on. All of the one's on the Joy of Satan site are great, you can even make up your own. Start with the void meditation to train your mind and spin your chakras as often as possible, go into strengthening your aura and do the awakening exercises, then you can do the Star of Astaroth/Mer Ka Ba Meditation and the other more advanced meditations. Most meditations you can do lying down if you need to, so if anyone catches you, it looks like you're taking a nap.

For people who aren't too good at visualization, try doing the power meditations without visualizing at first. Since you should already be good at the void meditation, you will have learned how to clear your mind. From here, focus on the literal darkness inside your mind behind your closed eyelids and just feel. Feel the energy going through your body and extending outward into your aura. Once you get this down, you can extend your awareness and manipulate this energy, you can draw energy in and send energy out. For the Star of Astaroth/Mer Ka Ba Meditation meditation, forget about seeing everything, and just feel it, feel your energy shaped into the pyramids and the sphere and the disk, feel the energy expanding as you draw more in from your surroundings. You can draw in energy by breathing (it's kind of hard to explain) in a way that you are physically breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, but psychically breathing in energy through your skin. Energy is connected to the breath, trust me, I've been testing this technique and it feels intense. By feeling your way through these meditations, you can do them even if your visualization skills aren't all too good, and help develop your psychic touch.

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