Important Information About Serpent Yoga

I have read many, many different books on yoga, meditation and kundalini. Much of this knowledge was preserved in the Far East as we know. The true origins of Satanism are in the Far East, NOT the Middle East, or in Mesopotamia, though it is evident our Gods were at one time in this area.

The Seven Towers of Satan are both an allegory for the chakras and also are physical markers across the territory spanning from the Far East to the Middle East, marking the trek of physical migration from east to west.

The point of this sermon is through Satan, we can make much more and unheard of rapid progress in our meditations and in raising our serpent. Most yoga texts and related meditation texts will relate that through hard work, consistent meditation [over an hour a day minimum] and advanced hatha yoga practice, a non-Satanist just might be able to raise their serpent after a period of 22 years. Most of these involved secluding one's self in what is known as an 'ashram,' denying normal sex, suppressing orgasm, adherence to a strict vegan [no meat, no dairy, no eggs or any animal products] diet and all sorts of other restrictions.

Through Satan, some of our people have raised their serpent in a very short period of time.

The enemy = restrictions. It is no wonder many non-Satanists who are intense practitioners of yoga and meditation, who are without, go through all kinds of problems, frightening experiences, and a strict anti-life program that in truth is designed by the enemy to discourage and block any true spiritual progress.

In ancient times, before Christianity reared its ugly head, a requirement to become a legitimate priest was a risen serpent.

My entire point of this post is to remind everyone- IN ORDER TO RAISE YOUR SERPENT, YOU MUST BE FREE. This is the entire message of yoga, beyond the corrupted teachings the enemy has infested it with. Hatha [physical yoga] is to make the body more flexible and to open joints and other areas where energy is trapped due to being tight.

Eat as you please, have sex as you please, indulge as you please, be free.

Sexual orgasm opens the chakras. As I wrote before, many authors of meditation books out there advocate retaining the semen and such. Most are now dead and none has ever lived to any great age. There are exercises one can do with the above, but these are not to be done continuously, as these books claim. Orgasm is necessary for both physical, psychological and emotional health.

Our Beloved Father Satan guides us to the truth and gives us knowledge and abilities that are far beyond where those who are without are at, regardless of how dedicated these people are to their programs.

As I wrote before, the enemy promotes everyting that is unnatural, and anti-life. Sexuality is condemned and suppressed to make damned good and sure that no one raises his/her serpent or experiences any spiritual advancement. Remember this when reading or studying for yourselves from any Eastern teachings, meditation or yoga texts. Our people are advancing in unheard of short periods of time through Satan, in a safe and healthy manner.

As the serpent grows powerful and begins to ascend [often it retreats back into the base chakra until it rises above the solar chakra], past hang-ups [whatever they may be] and any psychological issues are brought to consciousness so they can be dealt with and eliminated. The serpent is also cleansing the soul through the astral element of fire.


Sermon 11/21/10

This is something I need to address here. There are no dietary restrictions in Satanism. However and whatever you choose to eat is your own personal business. Videos and documentaries exposing what is known as 'Industrial Farming' are enough to make many consider vegetarianism.

For those of you who are vegetarian, if it works for you and you are happy with it, this is great and to be given credit.

Years ago, after watching a documentary on Industrial Farming, I tried vegetarianism and I lasted about a month. It didn't work for me, as I was into heavy weightlifting, gymnastics, martial arts, and running some 20+ miles per week, and doing manual labor as a cook. I got sick.

My point here is human beings are omnivores [designed for eating both meat and vegetables]. No matter what we eat, we have to kill to eat. Lions, wolves and other carnivores kill to eat. Every living being on the face of this earth must kill in order to eat. Plants are living organisms. The whole issue is HOW it is done.

Industrial farming is horrific. This is not natural. It is animal torture, exploitation, and abuse in the extreme. This bleeds over into the food chain and the overall quality of the food we consume, as well as society as a whole. The majority of society is unhealthy [especially in the west] in many ways and many are prescription drug dependent. In addition, many unnatural and harmful methods are used in growing and harvesting vegetables which directly affect the health of consumers for the worst. This has been going on for a long time [decades].

For those of us who eat meat, there are certain companies now that sell 'cage free' raised and humanely managed food animals. I have found some of these meats to be even cheaper priced at the supermarket, than the main brands who engage in industrial farming. In the larger cities, there are even eggs available from 'free range' chickens. The more the concerned public becomes aware of the vicious exploitation of food animals, the more changes for the better will be made.

For those of you who choose to be vegetarians, it is important to know HOW to eat in order to have a healthy diet. Certain nutrients come to humans only through animals proteins, such as vitamin B-12, and taurine. Dogs and cats who do not get taurine in their diet can go blind. Both are natural carnivores designed to eat meat. It is important to be knowledgable regarding nutrition and getting a balanced diet, and if any vitamin suppliments are needed. I am mainly writing the above for teens. If you choose to be a vegetarian, it is important to read up on it and to make sure you are getting all of your nutrients. Plants and legumes do supply nearly all of the nutrients we need, but there are a very few you need to be aware of in getting a balanced diet, and in supplimenting these.

Satanism is with nature and natural law. Again- there are NO dietary restrictions in Satanism. How and what you choose to eat is your own personal business. Satan IS VERY strong on treating animals and the environment with respect. Satan is Lord of the Earth. We Satanists are to treat the earth with repect and care.

Since coming to Satan and advancing in meditation, along with the input and experiences given by other Brothers and Sisters in Satan, it is glaringly apparent that much of what is available on Yoga in the mainstream bookstores, etc., especially Serpent [Kundalini] Yoga, is designed to PREVENT one from achieving spiritual powers, and raising their serpent.

These books and resources PUSH celibacy, dietary restrictions, and many other restrictions- ALL WHICH IN TRUTH WORK *AGAINST* SPIRITUAL POWER AND ADVANCEMENT.

Given intense research [which I have done, in reading many, many different books on all branches of Yoga], so-called 'Masters' have taken decades and even more to raise their serpent. One book stated the average being 'Over 20 years' and this included living these years in a monastery/ashram, where the entire focus was on daily meditation and physical yoga for hours each day. Through Satan, there are some of you, along with High Priest Vovim, who have successfully raised your serpents in under 2 years. This, along with having to work a full-time job and having many other distractions. Those of you whom I know of who have done this eat meat, have an active sex life and live life as you choose- WITHOUT ANY RESTRICTIONS.

I eat meat every day and have never had any problems in advancing spiritually. My issue is how these books and resources out there ZEALOUSLY PUSH veganism [no animals or meat products whatsoever]. I was raised Catholic and I remember the restrictions on meat, like during that stupid 'Lent' and the 'no meat on Fridays' crap. Eating meat was a sin that one had to confess in the confession box to some asshole pedophile priest. Now, we all know the Christian programs were created and enforced to REMOVE spirituality.

Also, I happen to know that orgasm and an active sex life are essential to spiritual advancement. This is the main reason the Christian churches have attacked human sexuality; mainly sexual pleasure, vehemently. Orgasm acts to open the chakras and to stimulate the Serpent.

Hatha [physical Yoga] manipulates the body; mainly the spine, so that the body can be free, so the Serpent can rise without blockages, and so the energy of the soul can circulate freely. Restrictions act to create major obstacles, whether these be psychological or physical. The multitude of psychological hang-ups the average active Christian has are enough to prevent him/her from ever advancing spiritually. Sex hang-ups are the worst, as these keep the Serpent locked in the base chakra and dormant.

Meditations work the mind to remove psychological hang-ups and issues, so that the Serpent can rise freely.

In closing- IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO ALWAYS REMEMBER- the exercises- in physical [Hatha] and Serpent Yoga DO WORK, such as the breathing techniques, the stretching asanas and so forth. Most of the so-called spiritual advice in these books and resources is TRASH, and is designed, like Christianity to PREVENT you from advancing spiritually. Remember this.




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