Satanic Healing Using the Solar Plexus Chakra

The chakra of healing is the solar [3rd] chakra.

To heal using this chakra [which is very effective]:

1. Lie on your back

2. Your hand chakras and finger chakras should be fully opened for this technique. Place your fingertips lightly upon on your solar plexus chakra. Very slowly breathe in and visualize intense brilliant white-gold light entering into your nostrils moving down into your solar chakra and then through your fingertips and into your forearms.

3. Hold your breath and transfer your fingertips to afflicted area and very slowly exhale the energy from your forearms, hands and fingertips into the afflicted area. For example, in curing a sore throat, move your fingertips, [all the while visualizing the brilliant light], to your throat and then very slowly exhale the energy into your throat, visualizing and feeling it leaving your forearms, hands and fingertips and entering into your throat, glowing like a brilliant sun.

4. When the exhale is completed, suspend your breathing for a few seconds while you place your fingertips upon your solar chakra again. Repeat the above.

The above is best performed for 10-20 repetitions. If major healing is called for, take a break and then perform another 10-20 repetitions.

I have used the above technique with much success. It is very important to try to catch colds, flu, viruses, etc., in the early stages. By doing so, less energy is required to cure the problem.

If one is ill to where using one's own energy is out of the question, this exercise can also be performed using the energy from the Sun, which is very powerful. Just breathe in the energy from the sun into your nostrils and follow the above instructions.

It is pretty evident that now and in the very near future, we will be faced with deadly strains of viruses and plagues. Many are resistant to antibiotics and other medications. In many places, life saving medications are becoming unaffordable and very difficult to obtain, as is with good medical care. Some medications are even laced with placeboes [blanks]. All dedicated Satanists should be practicing Power Meditation and learning Satanic Healing Techniques.

I have had much success with the above and other healing techniques that I have written about on this website. The power to heal is a wonderful gift from Satan. Any dedicated Satanist who practices meditation regularly can do this. Things are getting very bad in the world and will get much worse. Those of us who are adept and apply Satanic knowledge will survive these times intact.

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