Satanas Or Wodanaz – The Origins of Odin

Little do many know and understand, that Satan has been worshiped worldwide in the past, in different names or forms, for guiding people in the Godhead. We know this fact ourselves here.

The jews know all the details, but little attention does the "Goyim" put to educate themselves. Part of the Goyim (animal) identity, is to remain uneducated. Lack of education, makes someone easy to deceive. Live and let be, as cattle.

Now, most people are totally clueless of the Ancient past, let alone they have no clue on how Ancient languages are taught, or pronounced. The English texts we possess today have been corrupted (translations do this), so for anyone to understand what is going on, we have to make a regression to the past.

First and foremost, the jews, call Satan, SATANAZ in their innermost writings. The original spelling of Satan's name is ΣΑΤΑΝΑΣ in Ancient Greek. This gives us the four letters, as jews write without vowels.

It would be STN or STNS. Simply, ΣΤΝΣ.

Here is the secret however. In Greek, where the original texts were written, we have the letter Digamma, which was later removed from the Ancient Greek language.

"Digamma, waw, or wau (uppercase: Ϝ, lowercase: ϝ, numeral: ϛ) is an archaic letter of the Greek alphabet. It originally stood for the sound /w/ but it has principally remained in use as a Greek numeral for 6."

This "ϛ" is the glyph latter to become the S letter, that came to exist in later languages. Notice how the ϛ literally looks as a Serpent. Satan is also the Serpent God, symbolized by the Serpent even in the books of the enemy who slander Him.

This later was forcibly removed from the Ancient Greek, altered, and attempted to be destroyed completely by the Medieval church. As all people know, this is the language of the New Testament which the jews stole.

From Ancient Greek did indeed come most of the jewish infested literature, as the jews formulated this hoax during the Hellenistic Era. This letter has three forms:

The last form of Digamma, is actually the S letter we have today and it was transferred to other languages. Phonetically this means, that it later on became SATANAZ or SATANAZ or SATAN later, depending on the language. This is also the glyph of the Rune Fehu. The F, originated from the V sound, which in English-speaking dialects, is the sound of a W or /Waw/.

So this would be the original name of Satan written in the Ancient Greek texts. The jews use STN.

But as stated above, the S letter, is a cover-up for " ς" or Digamma. Effectively making the pronunciation of this, WTN, or VTN. VTN just pronounced, shows VATAN or VOTAN, in the open, already, as a phonetic change that could apply based on this information.

In the Ancient Greek, this would be "SΤΝΣ or STNS", which would be pronounced, VTNS or VTNZ.

If we add the vowels, we have...WODANAS. or WODANAZ. From this Ancient Germanic name, came the other alterations such as Odin, Wodan, Wodin, and many other names.

Essentially, using the above knowledge, the real name is Wodanaz...Or as we know him today...Satanas.

"In wider Germanic mythology and paganism, Odin was known in Old English as W ōden, in Old Saxon as W ōdan, and in Old High German as Wuotan or Wōtan, all stemming from the reconstructed Proto-Germanic theonym wōđanaz."

For those who know Germanic tongue, and how the A and O can change in dialects, we literally have the same sound. The vowels could even change, but the consonants do reveal the pattern of the word.

"The pronunciation of such is /ˈwɔː.ðɑ.nɑz/." Or as we would speak it, W -a/o-dha-NaZ. The W or V, had become a S sound as explained in the beginning of this article, connecting the two terms: Wotanaz and Satanaz.

This concludes what "SATAN" or "SATANAS" does actually mean and how it relates to the Odinic cult. Interestingly, all of these terms are inter-connected via the Indo-European lanugage root, also relating again with the Satya from where “Satan” later emerged.

Even these two names sound so strikingly close, in how we just speak them, even after corruption. Pronounce Wotanaz and Satanas, and you will see the similarity in your own voice and pronunctiation.

The jews hid this, because imagine if it wasn't coded. How could ever people go to church to curse Wodanaz, and their Ancient Father? The fair commonality of these would make it all very obvious. But when knowledge and application of this knowledge is known, then it all comes together.

Essentially, the comic thing is that, SATANAZ or SATANAS is even closer to WOTANAZ than ODIN is to WOTANAZ. Odin’s more Ancient Theonym, is actually more revealing than the fragmented version of “Odin”.

Now, let's not forget what the jews write in regards to destroying and killing God in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Clearly, this “God” they plan to kill, is not anything that arose out of their own “culture”, nor the claimed personas of Islam or Christianity. These came from them.

Who they insist on destroying is Satan in that case.

From Protocol No 4, from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion:


All Ancient religions of the Gentile people, were labeled in the large term of "Satanism" in the eras, and all these people exterminated. For what? Following the Ancient System in different forms.

Lastly, as Carl Jung admitted, the force of Wotanaz or Satan is truly eternal.

“When, for instance, the belief in the God Wotan vanished and nobody thought of him anymore, the phenomenon originally called Wotan remained; nothing changed but its name, as National Socialism has demonstrated on a grand scale. A collective movement consists of millions of individuals, each of whom shows the symptoms of Wotanism and proves thereby that Wotan in reality never died, but has retained his original vitality and autonomy. Our consciousness only imagines that it has lost its Gods; in reality they are still there and it only needs a certain general condition in order to bring them back in full force. ” – Dr. Carl Gustav Jung in a letter to Miguel Serrano

“Woden As Archetype – The Carl Jung Essay ”. The closing quote by Dr. Martin Heidegger from “Jung and the Volkisch Movement ” will just as nicely close out this post:

“The past of human existence as a whole is not a nothing, but that to which we always return when we have put down deep roots. But this return is not a passive acceptance of what has been, but its transmutation. ”

The Transmutation is called now as we know it, Spiritual Satanism.

Join us or be consumed by the enemy of spirituality- that's the motto of the future. Many people have been fighting for so long, at the wrong side, and against their own people, Ancient cultures, or their ancestors. Spiritual Satanism is the master key to regenerate this damage.

Names change, but always boil down to the same thing, no matter where we look.

It’s the same image of the Ancient and primordial battle against the forces of the enemy, and our forces.

The enemy is at war with Satan, with Odin, with Shaitan, with Satya- a war against the Truth. A war against the Races of the Gods and the enlightened symbols of our past.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

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