“Satya” – Sanskrit Word For Eternal Truth

A question one might have is why the Joy of Satan is using the word Satan to define ourselves.

The term we believe in, is Sansrkit in origin. It predates every other attempt to define it by thousands of years.

Any claims about this term defining “evil”, come centuries later, such as claims about “Hebrew origins” of this word that later became a symbolism of “Evil” in the form of “Satan”. Ardent believers and followers of the Satya, existed at least 2-3 thousand years before the advent of those claims.

This word, in Hebrew as stated in the previous article, is related to the word Satya or Eternal Truth. In Sanskrit of the Vedic period, the word is given as such: सत्य

The meanings of this world relate to the Truth, Righteousness, Essence, Reality and Being. Based on this meditative concept, the infamous Eastern Tantric Mantra of the Far East, is listed as “SATANAMA”.

SA-TA-NA-MA is a mantra that is used in Kundalini Yogic practices, and it’s translation is “SA=Birth, TA= Life, NA=Death, MA=Rebirth”. Used in meditation practice, it brings illumination, clarity of mind and an expansion of consciousness.

Still, even in modern Hinduism, it is used in meditation so the human spirit can rise into a level of Truth perception, where the soul is awakened and the body is healed of any ailments, so the initiate can experience illumination of their soul.

In Kundalini Yoga, also known as “Serpent Yoga”, this mantra is used to elevate the spiritual level of the disciple, known to be one of the highest and most sacred Divine Names which can be used to facilitate this process.

The well known Satya-Yuga of the Far East, is a time where all beings on earth will animate and behave in accordance to the Divine Rules of Satya, or Eternal Truth. That is called the “Golden Age of Humanity”, as Yuga means “Era”, and Sat means Truth.

Later on, corruptions have arose around this term, in particular because of vile intent and to remove this concept, same as all attempts of meditation and internal discovery from human beings. This was done deliberately, to scare people off from meditation and internal evolution.

Simultaneously, in the root language of the Abrahamic religions (Hebrew), it means “enemy and adversary”. The term was later used in a negative manner and given negative connotations, in order to procure defamation around this divine topic. A vile interest of the creators of these programs of control, is that they must maintain humanity in a blind state, in order to establish control and keep humanity repressed and on lower levels of consciousness.

We have no problems being defined as the ultimate adversaries in the interpretation of the Abrahamic religions, for being in reality ardent and convinced supporters of the Ultimate Truth.

We consider these two realities antithetical; since Abrahamic programs do promote the fall of mankind in the spiritual level, and the other represents the ultimate rising of human beings to the spiritual heights of realization.

Our side is thoroughly against the cultural interpretations of Judaism and it’s followers.

We could not care less how they define anything, or us. We consider them to possess no authority over dictating anything on any subject, since their knowledge comes from major corruptions of already previously existing terms.

The inversion of the terms like “Demon”, “Satan” and so on, represent an attempt to cultural and meaning inversion by the Abrahamic religions. They do not represent the Truth. They are a reaction to the founded and very deeply spiritual knowledge of the Ancient past, borne only out of a need to slander and remove this knowledge from the human population who needed it the most.

Except of the reversed meaning in these terms, the culture and ethical norms of the Ancient religions [Logic, spiritual inquiry, practicing meditation, scientific discovery], have all been penalized and called “evil” and “sinful”. Following one’s Ancient Gods was branded as a “sin” – inner discovery and meditation, they claim, would land someone in a place of eternal fiery torment.

None of these statements are True. None of this is Satya, or defines the essence of Satan.

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