Rotating the Elements

Rotating the elements is very advanced. One should already be adept with circulating energy through the chakras. One of the most important steps in advanced meditation is to circulate the elements through each of the chakras. This is very advanced and is done after condensing the element into a chakra it rules, and then circulating it. Work on mastering each one. You should definitely FEEL the element- i.e., searing hot for fire, ice cold for water, heavy for earth, and light for air. Quintessence is warm to hot. This is very advanced and should only be attempted by experienced meditators.

This will provide an important foundation for more advanced works of which I will soon be posting here.

The ancients used the seasons to facilitate their workings. This is a part of the four points. Summer is hot and meditating on and invoking the element of fire is easier for beginners. Just make sure you have a place to cool down. Spring is a good time to work with air, fall is great for earth, and winter is good for working with water, as it is cold.

The next step should be combining the elements, such as circulating water after circulating fire and then circulating quintessence. This is all very powerful.

The waxing and full moon acts to transform the fiery rays of the sun into the element of water. Energy from both the Sun and Moon should also be invoked and circulated.

For example- rotating the element of fire

1. Breathe in the element of fire into your entire body.

2. Condense the fire into a small ball inside your base chakra.

3. Now, direct that ball into your sacral chakra, then your solar chakra, your throat chakra, your third eye, your crown chakra and then down from your crown chakra into your 6th chakra behind your third eye and to the back of your head- through the rear sixth chakra and on down your spine at each chakra.
Take your time with this, burning each of your chakras thoroughly. This is very empowering and cleansing.

4. When finished, either direct the fire ball to your base chakra or expell it through your solar plexus chakra.

Do the same with the other elements, including the qunitessence. Doing this with the chi or pineal secretions is also very powerful AND pleasurable.

In the beginning, you should only work with and master one element per meditation session. Fire can also be invoked from the sun- the hotter the sun, the better.



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