Standard Ritual to Satan

The ritual below is for new people, who are inexperienced. These steps are to acquaint one with the procedure for the formal advanced ritual. These rituals are for those who prefer to use ceremony and can also be adapted for covens and groups. Ceremonial rituals are not necessary in accomplishing your spiritual goals when you are experienced. All you need do is to focus your mind, recite the necessary vibrations [words of power], and so forth without the use of any material props. Please read this entire page as there are explanations at the bottom. Satan/Lucifer represents the common people. Unlike the Christian churches and all of their vast wealth, pomp, and ceremonial show, Satan does not expect his people to have expensive items for ritual. If all you have is yourself, this is fine with Satan. He understands. Satan, who is our True Creator God has given us everything we need within ourselves. Satan represents and stands for self-efficiency and personal empowerment to where we can control our own lives and destinies without having to slavishly worship or rely upon something outside of ourselves. Satan gives us the knowledge we need to access the power within.


Ring the bell, turning counterclockwise; invoke the Four Crowned Princes of Hell. You can do this with your athame [if you have one] OR just point your left index finger and visualize a stream of electric blue light entering the tip of your index finger and filling your entire being. With each turn, the blue becomes more and more intense, filling and charging your entire being. Begin with Satan/Lucifer, facing east and then turn to the north for Beelzebub, west for Astaroth, and south for Azazel, keep charging yourself with the blue energy at each turn:

Then, recite the Invocation to Satan:

In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas, Luciferi Excelsi.
In the Name of Satan, Ruler of the Earth, True God, Almighty and Ineffable, Who hast created man to reflect in Thine own image and likeness, I invite the Forces of Darkness to bestow their infernal power upon me. Open the Gates of Hell to come forth to greet me as your Brother/Sister and friend.

Deliver me O Mighty Satan from all past error and delusion, fill me with truth, wisdom and understanding, keep me strong in my faith and service, that I may abide always in Thee with Praise, Honor and Glory be given Thee forever and ever.

Drink from Chalice

This is now the height of your ritual where you read your prayer to Father Satan. When you are finished, light the paper in the flame of your candle and place it in your silver bowl to burn. Now is the time for meditation and focus.

After the meditation is when you should talk to Father Satan one on one. After this, more prayers* [see note about Satanic prayers near the bottom of this page] can be said. You can pray during this time in Enochian, either with the Enochian Key/s of your choice, or prayers of your own.

We are all individual and have our own ways of ritual and worship. Very early on, to kneel was given to me by the Demons, and also a close friend had the same experience; to kneel out of respect, but this is between you and Father Satan.

At the end of your ritual close with a HAIL SATAN!!

Turn clockwise and ring the bell.

*Due to the monetary and political control of the Christian church, places where black candles can be purchased are becoming scarce. For those of you who are unable to find black candles, there is an alternative. Lucifer's color is blue. Electric blue. Demons also show up in a blue aura. Those of us who have seen Hell, agree that it has a blue aura. USE BLUE.

For black magick spells, use red (anger) or navy blue (blue or black) Dark brown works well, also. This is just an attempt by xtians to try to stop us from practicing our religion, and is especially targeted towards teenagers and young people. Satan understands this and alternatives are alright with him.

For kids and teens who are unable to obtain any ritual items and for those who are financially underprivilaged, the ritual can be performed in Your own private Astral Temple

*"Prayer" in Satanism is very different from what the populace has been indoctrinated to believe, given the xians and other enemy programs.
Satanic "Prayer" is:
1. Telepathic communication between ourself and Satan and/or his Demons
2. Another aspect of Satanic Prayer is vibrating a mantra, word/s of power, Enochian or the Runes. Vibration is essential to working spells and such, empowering our souls and advancing oursleves spiritually.

The BELL, using in Satanic ritual is symbolic of the vibration explained above. When we repeatedly vibrate words of power, mantras, runes, etc., while focusing and directing the energies, a ripple effect takes place on the astral and manifests our desires in the material world. This is the symbolism of the bell in Satanic Ritual.

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